Apparel E-book (Free Download)

Apparel E-book

Here you will get some ebooks on the apparel industry regarding production, quality, and history of apparel manufacturing.

  1. Prescriptive Quality Engineering (PQE)- A Roadmap to responsible Quality for Excellence in Garments Industry– This is an Ebook about the Quality Excellence March of the Garments industry.
  • Written By: Md. Masduzzaman Khan
  • Quality Analyst & Problem-Solving Specialist
  • MSS | MBA | SSBB | QMS | QE | Lean | TQM | ISO |
  • Founder, Bangladesh Garment Research Academy(An innovative problem solving & learning toolkit)
  • You can find the writer at email: [email protected] & Mob: +8801819136606

2. Bangladesh Clothing Performance, Heritage, Romance & Competitiveness– This ebook is about Bangladesh garments heritage, clothing Performance, Heritage, Romance & Competitiveness.

Written By: Md. Masduzzaman Khan

Apparel E-book (Free Download)

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