13 Different Types of Collar Neck Designs on Dresses

13 Different Types of Collar Neck Designs on Dresses with Pictures

In the ever-evolving world, fashion is changing constantly. Gone are the days when clothing choices were limited to a handful of designs. Nowadays, we’ve got loads of choices when picking out clothes. It’s like being in a big ocean of options where there’s something for everyone’s liking, such as different neck styles, sleeves, pants, jackets, etc. Today, I want to discuss different collar-neck designs. You might not think much about those things around the neck. In this article, we present 13 Different Types of Collar Neck Designs on Dresses below.

But guess what? They’re a big deal in making our shirts look fantastic. So, stick around as we chat about the different styles of collar neck designs and how they add that extra touch to what we wear.

13 Different Types of Collar Neck Designs on Dresses with Pictures

There are several collar neck designs, but here are 13 famous neck styles!

1. Bow Collar Neck Designs

Two long strips of fabric tied into a bow form a bow collar. A bowtie collar is a gentle, carefree, and feminine accent.

Bow Collar Neck Designs on Dresses
Fig: Bow Collar

2. Cascade Collar Neck Designs

A waterfall collar cascades down the neck in gentle waves or ruffles. This design has a soft drape since it is cut in a circular pattern. The ideal fabric would be silk, rayon, or chiffon because they drape wonderfully and are lightweight.

Cascade Collar,Collar Neck Designs
Fig: Cascade Collar

3. Detachable/Faux Collar

A detachable collar is an integral component of an outfit. Since it is worn like a necklace, it qualifies as an accessory. Oversized detachable Peter Pan collars are a famous sight, particularly from companies like Ganni.

Detachable/Faux Collar, Collar Neck Designs
Fig: Detachable/Faux Collar

4. Mandarin Collar

The mandarin, a kind of stand-up collar, is a standard design in traditional Chinese clothing. It is erect and of modest height.

Mandarin Collar, Collar Neck Designs
Fig: Mandarin Collar

5. Notched Collar

A V-shaped cutout marks the meeting point of the collar and lapel of a notched collar. Numerous notched collars range from trench coat versions to round clover forms. They are frequently seen on suit jackets, trench coats, and blazers.

Notched Collar, Collar Neck Designs
Fig: Notched Collar

6. Spread Collar

One of the most well-liked and frequently encountered varieties of shirt collars is the Spread Collar, which has a wide gap between the two collar leaves of approximately 4 to 6 inches. They are appropriate for formal and informal settings, and a big tie knot effectively bridges the collar gap. They are among the most adaptable collars available across several brands.

Spread  Collar Neck Designs
Fig: Spread Collar

7. Club Collar

The Club Collar, often called the Eton Collar, is a favorite among men’s shirt collar styles. The wearer stands out because its rounded collar leaf end rather than a pointed one gives it a vintage look. It looks magnificent at formal parties and may be worn with or without a tie on any shirt.

Cutaway Collar
Fig: Club Collar

8. Point Collar

It’s one of the most prevalent types of dress shirt collars. Professional guys who want something dressy for business hours tend to favor point collars. They are gorgeous with long ties because of their pointed ends and surrounding collar leaves. Because the lapels show off the collar points rather than obscure them, they look great on males and go well with jackets.

Point Collar
Fig: Point Collar

9. Square Collar

Square collars were a famous men’s shirt collar style in the 20th century, but they are hard to find now. The collar leaves, which are tiny and have little space between them, get their name from their squared-off shape. They are perfect for informal gatherings and should not be worn with ties.

Square Collar
Fig: Square Collar

10. Spear Collar

One description of the spear collar is that it is a longer form of the point collar. Its lengthy collar ends give the wearer a distinctive appearance. They are the ideal style of dress shirt collar for those seeking a retro vibe. Because the lapels hide the longer points of this collar, they look well with coats and jackets. The tremendous craze for retro fashion is the reason they are returning.

Spear Collar
Fig: Spear Collar

11. Button Down Shirts

The collar leaves’ small buttons, which attach to the shirt while offering a casual and sophisticated appearance. Because of its sportier mood, the button-down collar is regarded as less formal than certain other collar styles.

12. Cuban Collar Neck Designs

Cuban collar shirts are among the most popular forms of collar shirts. Another name for them is “Revere collar shirts.” Cuban collared shirts come in various patterns and styles and lack a set structure. The easiest way to wear these is with the button open for a carefree look. Most Cuban collared shirts are informal styles that give the wearer a laid-back and enjoyable vibe.

Cuban Collar
Fig: Cuban Collar

13. Cutaway Collar

This style of shirt collar feels distinctive and contemporary. The Cutaway Collar, an extreme variation of the spread collar, gets its name from being nearly entirely removed. They are appropriate for formal occasions or fancy gatherings like ballroom celebrations. They look entirely different on the wearer, depending on whether they are tied. Even yet, a button-down collar shirt might look more put together by wearing a suit, pants, or coat in the current relaxed style trends.

Cutaway Collar
Fig: Cutaway Collar


Collar neck designs on dresses serve as pivotal elements in fashion, enhancing garments with their diverse styles and characteristics. From classic point collars to cowboy collars, each design brings its unique charm and appeal, catering to varied tastes and preferences across different eras and cultures. Understanding these distinct collar styles not only enriches our fashion knowledge but also allows for greater creativity in styling and personal expression.

13 Different Types of Collar Neck Designs on Dresses

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