Different Parts of Pant with Picture


There is nobody in this world who does not know what is pant. Pant is a bottom wear garment, used in the bottom part of the human body which covers from the waist to the ankle area, and important clothing wear at the waist. It is a very common dress for both gender male and female, nowadays a vital part of fashion which manufactured in any garment industry. Pant is the most common cloth you can buy from anywhere in the world, just go to any clothing market. So we need to know about it. A pant has many parts, generally 12-13 types, here we are discussing the parts of it. There are many types of pants found in the market, we have- discussed the parts of basic pants.

Trouser is synonymous with “pant”, pant is used for formal meaning. This article is about parts of a trouser having the same meaning of it.

Different Parts of a Basic Pant

  1. Waist Band
  2. Belt Loop
  3. Back Yoke
  4. Back Rise
  5. Side seam
  6. Bottom hem/ leg opening
  7. Inside Label
  8. Coin pocket
  9. Front Pocket
  10. Fly
  11. Inseam
  12. Button
  13. Zipper
Different Parts of Pant with Picture

Different Parts of Pant with Picture

Waist Band

The waistband is the top part of a pant, waistband size defines pant size. People having different waist sizes need perfect desired sizes for themselves, so you can understand its importance

Belt Loop

There is about 4-7 belt loop in every pant waistband area to hold the belt we wear. A belt loop is there so that belt can be adjusted properly. If by mistake pant isn’t fitted fully then there is scope to make it right with just one belt. So there is some hook for the belt

Back Yoke/ Riser

It is the joining part for making a pant and it’s done by stitching. The back yoke is also called a riser located at the back side of the pant, curved shape.

Back Rise

It has a certain area from the crotch point to the waistband on the backside.

Bottom hem/ Leg opening

The bottom part of the pants is folded and attached by the sewing process.

Inside Label/ Care label

A label is used inside of pants called a care label which has all care and laundry information.

Coin pocket/ Watch Pocket

A small tiny pocket at the edge of the front pocket opening is set by a rivet called a coin pocket also known as a “watch pocket”.

Front Pocket

Two pockets on two sides of the front part to keep hands or necessary phone or other daily needed item, important pocket.


The Fly is the area where the zipper is located, and one flap is used to cover the zipper.

Inseam and Out seam/ Side seam

Joining of two parts of pant, Outer side joining is outseam.


A button is used to tie the pant, the button positioned at the waistband closure point. Different types of buttons are used in a pant like plastic buttons, shank buttons, and many others.


A zipper is used in every male pant, the zipper is very rare in female pants. Some jeans have buttons instead of a zipper

Back Pocket

There are always two pockets on the back side of every pant, those are the back pocket. We can keep a money bag in these pockets.

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Different Parts of Pant with Picture

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