How Pants became a Fashion trend for Women

Wearing pants on daily basis has become a part of a woman’s life. Today’s trend revolves around embellishments and modifications in trousers. We are comfortable with it and have greatly adapted to this trend, but what about the women in the 18th century? Not all of you know that pants were not allowed for women in the 18 century. With time, evolution took place and pants became a fashion for women. Let us look at how we got the right to wear pants. Here are discussing How Pants became a Fashion trend for Women below.

During World War I, women had to go out for work to earn their living as there were fewer chances of their husbands to return back from the war zone. So they preferred to wear pants on the worksite but got back in skirts as their work got over. This just brought a little acceptance for trousers at the workplace. But it was still considered a sin for a woman to wear pants in public.

Later in 1851, Amelia Bloomer and her group started wearing loose-fitted, ankle-length trousers under their skirts which were called bloomers in Amelia Bloomer’s name. But there was a ban on women wearing pants by Senate. This ban got over after the two African- American ladies elected to Senate Barbara Mikulski and Carol Moseley carried pantsuits flawlessly on the Senate floor.

How Pants became a Fashion trend for Women
Pant become Fashion Trend for women

French designers played a major role in popularizing pants in women’s clothing. Paul Poiret’s designer harem pants for women were seen on Downtown Abbey which tricked high fashion in 1911 and were chosen for the cover of vogue in 1913.

Coco Chanel one of the influential French fashion designers also contributed to making pants a common outfit. She wore sailor pants instead of a swimsuit on the beach for the reason that she doesn’t want to expose her body and wore borrowed male jockey pants for horse riding as a comfortable costume. This made her followers go crazy behind the new costume of the designer and they fantasized and started wearing pants. So coco unintentionally influenced the women to wear pants.

Today pants suits and business formals are considered a powerful form of dressing style known as power dressing. Women at work in corporate jobs or students going to coaching and college prefer to be dressed in trousers and shirts. They find it much more comfortable and fashionable than the traditional garments made for women.

This kind of adaptability had made it easier as it is very easy to carry those clothes and still look fabulous. In our times we have more options and trouser styles for women than men. Bellbottom, narrow bottom, skinny jeans, jeggings leggings are all such types

This is how we started wearing pants as a common outfit and got the right for it. Pants have became a Fashion trend for Women over the years.

How Pants became a Fashion trend for Women

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