Difference Between Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style

Fashion is currently trending now for both men and women that are being featured in Magazines, TV, or fashion runways; Fashion trends differ gender and age-wise. On the other hand, style differs from man to man and is unique to everyone. And also depend on a person’s individual opinion. But we often confuse two things and many people find it difficult to distinguish between them. In these modern times, Fashion and Style are common words but the terms are often used interchangeably, but there are a few important distinctions. Fashion and style are two related concepts. They are both referred to as types of clothing, aesthetics, or ways of doing things. To get a clear idea about this topic, you’ve to read the whole article.

What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a designer’s creation. Fashion is something that comes and goes. Fashion is what the world decides. It is featured in magazines, TV shows, and fashion runways. Fashion is what is trendy right now. Fashion is characterized by change. This encompasses new trends and designer collections.  Fashion can be related to anything such as clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories, etc. Fashion houses host fashion shows to highlight clothing and Fashion bloggers, editors, and influencers then respond to that with their own ideas, and retailers use all that information to sell clothes to the public. The latest trends are spread throughout whether via social media or in fashion magazines like Vogue. Fashion is one kind of art and a part of our life. Fashion also means the practice of presenting ourselves with confidence, the way of expressing our individuality, personality, or creativity. The word Fashion is not limited to clothes and accessories. Rather It includes makeup, hairstyle, lifestyle, footwear, body poster, etc also. Fashion changes with the passage of time and keeping pace with modern fashion is a feature of modern society.

What Is Style?

Style refers to a unique form of clothing or way of arranging your appearance or the way you represent yourself. Style is how you wear it. Style is what you choose. It is the way an individual express themselves through different choices such as their clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and the way they put an outfit together. Style is the extension of fashion that does not change like fashion. Style refers to a person’s different way of expressing himself. Style is the person’s own choice of clothes, makeup, hairstyle, accessories, and others. Fashion and style are related but these two things are not the same. Style reveals the personality that sets us apart from others. It refers to our personal style, not a specific article of dressing or anything.

Example of Fashion:

Some of the things that are included in fashion the dress, makeup, jewelry, cosmetics, sportswear, footwear, beauty service, saloon, DIY, machine and equipment, accessories, etc.

Example of Style:

Since style depends on everyone’s personal opinion, the example of style will also be different in each case. Such as style is speaking formally, the way of presenting ourselves what we are wearing, the method of writing, learning, etc.

Difference Between Fashion and Style

Difference Between Fashion and Style

Style and fashion are the same things.  They refer to the latest, greatest thing happening around the world. Fashion and style are two related concepts. They can both refer to types of clothing or to ways of doing things. Both of them have similar forms which are very different. Fashion in particular refers to things other than just clothing. It is a trend that does not last for very long. Style, on the other hand, is different. It means an appearance that looks good, despite the fashion. Every style goes in and out of fashion with time.  But it is not necessary that you have to change who you are just because your preferred style isn’t in fashion anymore.  Fashion has a temporary nature whereas Style is something more permanent or more individual. Here are a few more differences between Fashion and style:

  1. Fashion is a trend that changes from day to day and style is a person’s own creation by applying his/her own choice
  2. Fashion is temporary and style is constant.
  3. Fashion doesn’t depend on style but style depends on fashion.
  4. Fashion may be common but style is unique to each person.
  5. Fashion must be received by society or a group of people. As style reveals our personal opinion, it can’t be accepted by all.
  6. Fashion is being made popular through many processes like fashion shows, models, and magazines. No medium is needed to popularize the style because a person is enough to increase his/her popularity.
  7. Fashion rises the connectivity and style rises our uniqueness.
  8. As fashion is like a trend, it can be adapted from anywhere. Style is something that reveals one’s own creation.
  9. Fashion has no limit. But style is limited.
Difference Between Fashion and Style

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