Difference Between Yarn and Fabric

Yarn and Fabric are the Basic Textile Manufacturing processes. Fibre is spun and twisted to make Yarn. Yarn turned to Greige Fabric in the textile industry, and Fabric cannot return to being Yarn. The Textile flow chart for the materials is FibreYarnFabric Apparel. In this article, we present the difference between yarns and fabrics.


Yarns are continuous strands of Textile fibers that are twisted or spun together to form a thread-like structure. Yarn is formed into its shape by twisting it in the spinning machine to get the required strength for weaving and knitting. The output yarns are packaged in cone form.


The end product results from the weaving or knitting of yarn. To create a structured Fabric, weaving interlaces horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) yarns on a loom. Knitting uses a series of interlocking loops to form a flexible fabric. Fabrics can also be created by felting or bonding fibers together.

Difference Between Yarn and Fabric

What is the Difference Between Yarn and Fabric?

1DefinitionA continuous strands of Textile fibers that are twisted or spun together to form a thread-like structureA Textile material made by Weaving, Knitting, felting or bonding Yarns or Fiber
2Made ofTextile fiberYarn or Fiber
3TypesTypes of Yarns are combed , carded Yarn, Roton Yarn, etc.Types of Fabrics are Woven, Knit and Non-woven
4UsesCrocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, ropemaking.Clothing, curtains, upholstery, and bedding, industrial applications.
5Next processingYarns are the raw material of fabric manufacturing.Fabrics are the raw materials of Apparel Industry


Ultimately, Both are basic textile materials and are technically very important for textiles and Fashion. Yarn and fabric are interdependent elements in the textile industry. The yarn serves as the base from which the fabric takes its final form, each playing an essential role in shaping the diversity and functionality of the textiles we encounter daily. Understanding their disparity explains the complex but fascinating journey of creating diverse and versatile fabrics from raw fibers.

Difference Between Yarn and Fabric

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