10 Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazer

10 Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazers

Blazers are outerwear clothing that gives us a very attractive look. In this article, we discuss Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazers for Men and Women.

What is a Blazer?

A blazer is a type of suit jacket but cut more formally. It is a stylish, tailored blazer often worn for occasion to create a formal or semi-formal look. It typically features a solid color or subtle pattern, distinct from suit jackets. It can be paired with formal pants or jeans, offering versatility for various settings. It is known for its versatility, bridging the gap between traditional and semi-formal attire.

Styles of Blazer

There are two main types of blazers. You can choose according to the weather, occasion, and personal style. To glam up your outfit, add accessories like pocket squares, a tie, or a watch.

1.  A Blazer with One Breast

Blazer with a single breast is the most popular style. Single-breasted blazers are blazers with a single column of buttons on the front. The buttons are arranged in a single column. They are therefore best reserved for formal or informal events. They appear to be quite sharp. Wearing single-breasted blazers to weddings, events or business travels is a good idea.

A Blazer with One Breast
Fig: A Blazer with One Breast

2.  Blazer with Two Breasts

The purpose of double-breasted blazers is to provide a more formal look. A double-breasted jacket has two button rows across the front. Wear one with cuff links and a lovely pocket square to feel like a hero inside.

Blazer with Two Breasts
Fig: Blazer with Two Breasts

Different types of blazers for men

There are a lot of blazers in the market, but you should pick only one blazer that is appropriate for you. So, Let’s see the different types of blazers in below:-

1. Cotton blazer

If you prefer simplicity, then a cotton blazer would be the best option for you. Cotton fabrics keep you relaxed and feel so comfortable and cool in the summer session. Wearing a cotton blazer makes you different from others. It not only creates a formal look but also keeps you smart and stylish. You can wear it with jeans or formal pants and a T-shirt. The blazer should be taken for dry wash cleaning.

Cotton blazer; Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazers

2. Woollen blazer

Stay warm and stylish this winter with a cozy woollen blazer wrapped in thick cotton. This woollen blazer is pretty expensive. It protects your neck from the cold with a high collar. It is suitable with jeans. You can wear this Woollen blazer in any occasion such as a live brand, party, outing, adventure, travels, friends adda and so many more. It also should be taken for dry wash cleaning.

Woollen blazer: Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazer
Fig: Woollen blazer

3. Denim Jeans Blazer

Are you a fan of wearing jeans? Then a denim jeans blazer is only for you. This blazer is made with jeans giving a whitewash for a cozy look. At present, it is a very demandable attire for school, College, and varsity-going students. You can wear it with jeans and a plain white T-shirt. It looks amazing in the summer session for a dashing look. You can wear it in a semi-formal and casual outing. It balances the trend of this modern era. You can wash it in a machine.

Denim Jeans Blazer
Fig: Denim Jeans Blazer

4. Linen blazer

A linen blazer is an excellent choice for wearing blazers in the warm spring or summer session. Because it is made of lightweight and breathable materials. You are able to put them on and still feel comfortable and festive. Choose the pastel colors so you may wear them with jeans or even chinos for charming attire.

Linen blazer: Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazers

5. Velvet blazer

Velvet blazers are a fancy choice if you want to ignore accepted fashion trends and stand out from the crowd. This fancy blazer would cover you for all weddings, coffee events, and special anniversary meals. It is especially ideal for winter celebrations. A perfect blazer for men who desire the ideal ratio of aristocracy, comfort, and celebration is a velvet one. Paint it with black trousers or jeans that are fashionable in a contemporary look.

6. Floral blazer

Are you a fancy person and searching for attire that gives you a stylish look? Then, floral or motive blazers are only for you. Look, every person has a different personality and every person’s test does not remain the same. Many people do not like solid or plain blazers. So, floral blazers are the best for those who like to stand as they immerse in the festive season. You can wear it at a wedding or a Diwali party.

To glam up your outfit, you can add broaches, pocket squares, and cuffs.

7. White blazer

The white blazer is appropriate for marriage. White color is a symbol of purity. When you wear it, you may feel inner peace. You can wear it with white pants at your wedding. You can dry-wash it.

8. Black blazer

Black color blazers are amazing and suitable for all men. A simple cotton black blazer always creates a formal look. You can wear it at any formal event. This classical design blazer with single-breasted will undoubtedly not get out of fashion. You can wear it with jeans or black formal pants.

9. Sleeveless blazer

We think sleeveless blazers are only for old age people but when the younger generation wears sleeveless cotton blazers with print, it looks amazing. You can wear this blazer with a sleeved shirt and black or white pants. It is suitable for any casual event.


Blazer creates an elegant and smart look. We can see different types of blazers in the above discussion. Classic, formal, and casual blazers are some of them. Find the perfect blazer for any occasion or event. Now is a good time to choose one. Happy shopping.

10 Different Types of Blazers And Styles of Blazer

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