16 Different Types of T-shirts with Picture

16 Different Types of T-shirts with Picture

It is no longer a secret that wearing a T-shirt by matching the design and color with jeans will make you look incredibly smart! Regardless of gender, people prefer to wear T-shirts especially to participate in a casual work or environment.  And for a design-conscious person, T-shirts have a diverse collection of new designs and styles. In this article, I present 16 Different Types of T-shirts with Pictures for gents and ladies.

 T-shirts are not only recognized as comfortable wearables.  It can make you shine with a classic style. Judging by the fashion of the modern world, men generally prefer classic round neck type or collared T-shirts. Apart from this, there is an abundance of many different types of t-shirts in the market. Where there is an amazing collection of different designs in almost every color.

If you want to buy a T-shirt first you need to know which T-shirt fabric is good and comfortable. Also, you should know what kind of T-shirts are available in the market. So, let’s explore the article. In this article, I’ll let you know about different types of T-shirts.

What exactly is a T-shirt?

A t-shirt, sometimes known as a tee shirt or tee shorts, is a type of fabric shirt. It features a silhouette that corresponds to our body shape and sleeve shape, making a “T” shape, therefore the name “t-shirt.” T-shirts are typically constructed of knitted fabric, either single or double jersey. Rib or interlock fabrics may also be utilized depending on the requirements. Knitted materials are made in tubes, which eliminates the need for side seams.

T-shirt history

The name t-shirt originated as an inner garment. The laborers in America cut their jumpsuits to live under high heat conditions, i.e. in the summer heat, and it was at this time that the t-shirt was born. Since 1898, they have been producing t-shirts. The t-shirt was actually produced in 1913. Now you can go through Different Types of T-shirts with the Picture below.

Different types of T-shirts

These are the main Different Types of T-shirts available around the world:

  1. Basic Half Sleeve T-Shirt
  2. Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt
  3. V-Neck T-Shirt
  4. Polo T-Shirt
  5. Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt
  6. Pocket T-Shirt
  7. Baseball T-Shirt
  8. Yoke Neck T-Shirt
  9. Girls’ boyfriend t-shirts
  10. T-shirt with a bag neck (Scoop neck)
  11. T-shirt with a henley collar
  12. Muscle Shirt
  13. Half Muscle Shirt
  14. Longline T-shirt
  15. Baby Doll T-shirt
  16. T-shirt Trivia

Description of 16 Different Types of T-shirts for Men and Ladies

1. Basic Half Sleeve T-Shirt

This is one of the most basic and ubiquitous t-shirt styles. Men’s and women’s are the most common. This is the most common style of t-shirt. It has half sleeves and a crew neck, as the name suggests. Crew necks are mostly constructed of interlock fabric. This interlock fabric is a double jersey. It is used to provide strength to the neck area. Because this neck will be enlarged when wearing the t-shirt, and as it expands, it must be strong or it will tear.

Basic Half Sleeve T-Shirt, Different Types of T-shirts
Fig: Basic Half Sleeve T-Shirt

In the same way, interlock fabric is utilized for sleeve hemming. Interlock fabric will be utilized to reinforce the sleeve hems as well. In some circumstances, flatlock will be employed instead of 100% interlock. An overlock machine will be used for side seams and shoulder joints. To stitch the label SNLS machine will be used. Flatlock will be used for the bottom hemming once more. This is the most commonly used T-shirt among 16 Different Types of T-shirts in the world.

2. Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt

 As the name implies, this t-shirt has long sleeves and a crew neck. Both men and women prefer this. A long-sleeved t-shirt is an excellent choice for winter attire. Because the sleeve length is full, when worn by the wearer, it creates the illusion of long hands or a long sleeve. This shirt will be made of either cotton or wool fabric. Because the sleeve length is long, the SMV will be increased. It will take time. In addition, fabric consumption will be increased. The cuff here could be made of interlock fabric and measure 7.5 to 6 cm long. Otherwise, the standard single jersey fabric will be utilized.

Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt, Different Types of T-shirts
Fig: Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt

3. V-Neck T-Shirt

This t-shirt carries its name as it features a V shape at the neck. This type of t-shirt looks a bit more stylish than the usual round neck t-shirt and offers a relatively more open space just below the neck which is possible due to the V shape. These t-shirts are made in different sizes and the V size can be small to large. No matter what your personal style is, and no matter how open your chest is, this type of t-shirt will suit you.

V-Neck T-Shirt
Fig: V-Neck T-Shirt

 It can be worn by both men and women. It can make you look both casual or formal after wearing it. You can wear this T-shirt under other clothes or alone as a summer duper.

4. Polo T-Shirt

It is one of the most popular T-shirts in the world of t-shirts. A polo t-shirt is a type of t-shirt that has a collar. It has a placket on the lower part of the neckline front where two to three buttons adorn.  You can also attach a chest pocket if you wish. They are usually: half-sleeved. This type of T-shirt was worn by polo players in Wales in 1859 and was used in Great Britain in the 1920s.  This t-shirt is made of knit fabric instead of woven fabric which is sourced from cotton fabric.

Polo T-Shirt,Different Types of T-shirts
Fig: Polo T-Shirt

5. Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt

Cap sleeves are small and just extend over the shoulder. Only the sleeve length will be short. And it didn’t even reach the bicep. This is true in both cases, namely the outer and inner underarm sides. As illustrated in the accompanying figure, there are three varieties of cap sleeves. This necessitates the use of machines such as SNLS, overlock, flatlock, and DNLS.

Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt
Fig: Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt

6. Pocket T-Shirt

As the name implies, this t-shirt will have a pocket. This will give that t-shirt a new appearance. This is a key process since puckering issues might occur while stitching knitted cloth. Because this is the most visible section of the garment, special care should be taken throughout production. When it comes to fabric strips, there will be a necessity for matching strips, which will be a challenge. Strip matching is not always essential.

Pocket T-Shirt
Fig: Pocket T-Shirt

7. Baseball T-Shirt

Raglan sleeve (half sleeve) t-shirt is another name for baseball t-shirts. This outfit is identical to that used by baseball players. As a result, the name given to this is baseball t-shirt. Because the sleeve design is different from other shirts, this style of t-shirt will require more fabric. Fabric will be wasted more during pattern making and marker preparation for this technique. So, while fabric waste/consumption is on the rise, so is the price. Sleeve attachment is a vital operation in this style.

Baseball T-Shirt
Fig: Baseball T-Shirt

8. T-shirt with a bag neck (Scoop neck)

Men’s T-shirt with a deep scoop neckline that exposes more of the body than a standard t-shirt. To complete the look, metal chains, and a shaven chest could be worn.

9. T-shirt with a henley collar

This T-shirt features a Placket beneath a round neckline with no collar.

10. Yoke Neck T-Shirt

T-shirts with a separate yoke (Girls’) T-shirts with a separate yoke. Embroidery is usually found on the yoke part.

11. Baby Doll T-Shirt

This was a fashionable short and tight-fitting t-shirt (with short or long sleeves) in the 1990s. A baby doll T-shirt is a style of T-shirt that is more form-fitting and shorter in length than a regular T-shirt. It usually has a fitted bodice and a flared or gathered waistline, resembling the silhouette of a baby doll dress. These shirts often have shorter sleeves and a snug fit around the chest area, providing a more feminine and playful look.

Baby Doll T-Shirt
Fig: Baby Doll T-Shirt

12. T-shirt Trivia

According to Wikipedia, the T-shirt gets its name from its shape like a T. In retrospect, it does look like a T.

13. Girls’ boyfriend T-shirts

Women wear body-fitting T-shirts, whilst men wear very loose T-shirts.

14. Muscular Shirt

A sleeveless white T-shirt that fits snugly enough to show off your muscles.

15. Half Muscle T-Shirt

Muscle shirts that are short in length and end above the belly button (to show off abdominal muscles).

16. Longline Silhouette T-Shirt

T-shirt style with lengthy length, even extending up to the knees. Longline length, when done correctly, can give the appearance of a leaner, elongated torso.

Operation Breakdown of a T-Shirt

Sr. No.Operation NameMachine Used
1Moon panel attach with care labelSNLS
2Match front and backTable
3Shoulder join5 Thread Overlock
4Neck rib measure and cutScissor
5Neck rib tack with bodySNLS
6Neck rib joiningSNLS
7Neck top stitchSNLS
8Main label attachSNLS
9Sleeve hemFlatlock
10Sleeve and body matchSNLS
11Sleeve joining5 Thread Overlock
12Armhole top stitchDNLS
13Side seam5 Thread Overlock
14Sleeve close and open tack5 Thread Overlock
15Body hemFlatlock
16Final thread cutTrimmer and table
17Thread suckingThread Sucking Machine

The above table illustrates the operation breakdown of a T-shirt. It represents the operations for a basic style, and the number of operations may vary based on the specific style and design. It’s possible that a few operations may be modified or added, while the majority of the operations remain consistent.


Nowadays, numerous sorts of t-shirts are widely used, and they are regularly worn as an item of clothing for upper torsos, which indicates the upper body. People buy different types of T-shirts of different styles based on fashion and what they prefer. It is also a significant and potentially profitable garment industry because consumers consume it with very high margins. The SMV of t-shirts can be increased based on style and any fancy attachments. Only dependent on styles and fashion attachments may some of the operations be added or withdrawn from the sequence.

16 Different Types of T-shirts with Picture

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