15 Different Types of Shirts For Men

15 Different Types of Shirts For Men

Shirts are the common dress for Men. So Different Types of Shirts are available For Men. Every man in this world wears any type of shirt. It is an important part of men’s fashion. This article is all about the men’s shirts.

We can categorize different types of men’s shirts into two main categories based on their formality and style,  Formal shirts and Casual shirts. Each type offers unique styles and fits for various occasions and preferences. To categorize, Mainly Men’s Shirts are classified by two; 1. Formal Shirts and 2. Casual Shirts. Let’s see 15 15 Different Types of Shirts For Men with Pictures below.

15 Different Types of Shirts For Men

Formal Shirts:

Formal shirts like dress shirts or Oxford button-downs are ideal for conferences or unique events. They frequently include fresh collars and smooth textures for a clean look.

Some types of  Formal Shirts are,

1. Oxford Button Down Shirt

The Oxford Button Down Shirt is an exemplary closet staple for men. It includes a button-down neckline and a thick, finished cotton texture. This shirt is versatile, and suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Oxford Button Down Shirt; Different Types of Shirts For Men
Fig: Oxford Button Down Shirt

Its easygoing appearance makes it ideal for matching with jeans or chinos for a loose yet a la mode look. Then again, it can likewise be spruced up with slacks and an overcoat for a more cleaned troupe.

2. Office Shirt

An office shirt is an expert piece of clothing worn in formal work settings. Commonly produced using fresh cotton or polyester mixes, it offers a slick and clean appearance. Office shirts frequently highlight a sharp neckline and shirt front for an expert look.

Office Shirt; Different Types of Shirts For Men
Fig: Office Shirt

These shirts come in different varieties and examples, considering individual style articulation while keeping up with impressive skill. They are intended to be agreeable for extended periods of wear during the business day, guaranteeing both style and usefulness in the office climate.

3. Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is a flexible piece of clothing reasonable for formal events and expert settings. Produced using great textures like cotton or linen, it offers a refined and rich appearance. Dress shirts commonly include a sharp neckline, button-front and center, and long sleeves, frequently with French sleeves.

Dress Shirt: Different Types of Shirts For Men
Fig: Dress Shirt

These shirts arrive in a scope of varieties, examples, and styles to suit individual inclinations and events. They can be matched with formal outfits for formal occasions or worn with pants for a savvy easygoing look. Dress shirts are fundamental closet pieces for men, offering complexity and style in different settings.

4. Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is an immortal closet fundamental with a denim-like appearance. It is typically delivered utilizing a lightweight cotton surface woven with a concealed yarn in the curve and a white yarn in the weft.

Chambray Shirt; Different Types of Shirts For Men
Fig: Chambray Shirt

These shirts offer a casual yet shrewd look, ideal for both ordinary wear and relaxed journeys. They can be coordinated with jeans, chinos, or shorts for a laid-back yet collected outfit. Chambray shirts give adaptability and comfort, making them a go-to choice for an extent of occasions.

5. Fabric Shirt

A fabric shirt alludes to any shirt produced using different materials like cotton, polyester, or mixes. The decision of fabric decides the shirt’s appearance, comfort, and appropriateness for various events. Cotton shirts are breathable and fragile, while material shirts are lightweight and ideal for warm environments.

Fabric Shirt: Different Types of Shirts For Men
Fig: Fabric Shirt

Polyester shirts offer strength and sogginess wicking properties, making them fitting for athletic wear or outside exercises. Mixed fabrics join the qualities of various materials, offering a harmony between comfort and execution. Fabric shirts arrive in a great many styles and plans, taking special care of different inclinations and requirements.

6. Denim shirt

A denim shirt is a flexible closet staple made from tough denim fabric generally connected with pants. It includes a shirt front, pointed neckline, and frequently incorporates chest pockets for added utility. Denim shirts come in different washes, from light to dull, offering various style.

Denim shirt: Different Types of Shirts For Men
Fig: Denim shirt

These shirts can be dressed up with chinos or worn casually with pants for a twofold denim look. They give a rough yet sleek choice for both casual trips and more loosened up working environments. Denim shirts are leaned toward for their sturdiness, ageless allure, and capacity to mix into different design troupes easily.

7. Linen shirt

A linen shirt is a lightweight and breathable garment made from linen texture, delivered utilizing the strands of the flax plant. It includes a casual fit, normally with a shirt front and a sharp neckline. Linen shirts are eminent for their regular surface and capacity to keep the wearer cool in warm climates.

Linen shirt
Fig: Linen shirt

These shirts are ideal for mid year days or tropical excursions, offering comfort and style in blistering environments. They can be matched with shorts, linen pants, or even swim shorts for a casual yet complex look. Linen shirts are valued for their vaporous feel, settling on them a go-to decision for those looking for easy style in their clothing.

8. Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is a comfortable and warm piece of clothing produced using delicate woven fabric, commonly including a brushed surface for additional comfort. It frequently comes in plaid examples or strong varieties, adding a hint of rural appeal to any outfit. Flannel shirts for the most part have a shirt front and can be worn as an independent piece or layered over a T-shirt.

Flannel Shirt
Fig: Flannel Shirt

These shirts are ideally suited for cold days or outside undertakings, giving both style and usefulness. They pair well with pants or chinos for a casual yet rough look. Flannel shirts are cherished for their flexibility and capacity to change flawlessly from outside exercises to casual social occasions.

9. Western Shirt

A Western shirt is an exemplary piece of clothing enlivened by conventional cowpoke clothing, highlighting particular plan components, for example, snap fastens, burdens, and pointed pockets. These shirts frequently gloat enriching sewing or weaving, adding to their rough and true Western look. Western shirts are regularly produced using strong materials like denim or cotton twill.

Western Shirt
Fig: Western Shirt

They are ideal for casual wear or themed occasions, summoning a feeling of History of the U.S and experience. Western shirts pair well with pants and cowpoke boots for a credible Western-motivated outfit. With their immortal style and viable elements, Western shirts stay a famous decision for those looking for a dash of rancher energy in their closet.

Casual Shirts::

Casual shirts, are versatile and come in various colors and styles for a laid-back vibe.

Some types of Casual Shirts are,

10. Short Sleeve Shirt

A short sleeve shirt is a casual garment expected for warm environment or relaxed occasions. It highlights sleeves that end over the elbow, giving solace and breathability. Short sleeve shirts come in various materials like cotton, linen, or polyester blends.

Short Sleeve Shirt
Fig: Short Sleeve Shirt

These shirts are perfect for outside works out, agreeable trips, or casual social events. They offer a laid-back style that matches well with shorts, pants, or chinos for a loose yet assembled look. Short sleeve shirts are fundamental augmentations to any late spring closet, offering both comfort and style in sweltering climate.

11. Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is an adaptable closet staple sensible for both casual and semi-formal occasions. It incorporates a sensitive neck area and a placket with a couple of buttons at the neck region. Polo shirts are typically created utilizing breathable cotton or polyester texture.

Polo Shirt
Fig: Polo Shirt

These shirts offer an exuberant yet cleaned look and can be easily dressed up or down. They are ideal for end of the week trips, hitting the fairway, or casual Fridays at the office. Polo shirts give comfort and style, going with them a famous decision for men, everything being equal.

12. Cuban Collar Shirt

A Cuban collar shirt, otherwise called a “camp collar”  shirt, includes a particular open, score lapel-like collar. It commonly throws a tantrum and short sleeves, making it ideal for hotter climate. Cuban collar shirts frequently come in energetic varieties and striking prints, adding a hint of retro style to any outfit.

Cuban Collar Shirt
Fig: Cuban Collar Shirt

These shirts bring out a loose and easygoing energy, ideal for casual trips or excursion wear. They can be matched with shorts, chinos, or even material pants for an in-vogue yet agreeable look. Cuban collar shirts offer an exceptional and trendy choice for those looking to add a character to their wardrobe.

13. Band Collar Shirt

A band-collar shirt is described by its absence of a conventional collapsed collar, including a band-like collar that folds over the neck. It offers a moderate and smoothed-out look, ideal for both casual and semi-formal events. Band collar shirts frequently have a shirt front and long sleeves.

Band Collar Shirt
Fig: Band Collar Shirt

These shirts give a cutting-edge and flexible choice for men looking for an interesting turn on exemplary styles. They can be handily spruced up with custom-fitted pants or worn casually with pants for a laid-back gathering. Band collar shirts offer a smooth and downplayed class, making them a snazzy expansion to any wardrobe.

14. T-shirt

A T-shirt is a comfortable and versatile garment produced using soft cotton or polyester texture. It typically features short sleeves and a round neck area, known as a team neck. T-shirts arrive in a great many tones, patterns, and realistic plans, considering individual articulation and style.

Fig: T-shirt

These shirts are perfect for regular wear, offering a casual and effortless look that matches well with pants, shorts, or sweatpants. They are likewise well known for layering under jackets or hoodies during cooler weather. T-shirts are wardrobe essentials appreciated for their comfort, simplicity, and unending styling possibilities.

15. Flap Pocket Shirt

A flap pocket shirt is an in-vogue piece of clothing highlighting pockets with a flap covering the opening. These shirts frequently have a shirt front and a sharp collar, offering a work of art and practical plan. Flap pocket shirts come in different materials, tones, and examples, reasonable for various events and individual styles.

Flap Pocket Shirt
Fig: Flap Pocket Shirt

The flap pockets add a hint of detail to the shirt, improving its visual allure while giving commonsense extra room. They can be dressed up with pants for a semi-formal look or matched with pants for a casual group. Flap pocket shirts offer a mix of style and utility, making them a flexible decision for regular wear.


In conclusion, the wide variety of Different Types of Shirts For Men caters to assorted tastes, events, and inclinations. From formal dress shirts to casual T-shirts, each type offers its own special style and functionality. Whether for capable settings, loosened-up excursions, or remarkable occasions, men can without a very remarkable stretch track down the ideal shirt to suit their necessities and express their independence.

Frequently Asked Questions on Different Types of Shirts For Men

1. What is a dress shirt?

    A dress shirt is a formal garment typically worn with suits and ties for professional or exceptional events.

2. What distinguishes a polo shirt?

    A polo shirt incorporates a neck area and a placket with a couple of buttons, offering an energetic yet refined look.

3. Are T-shirts suitable for formal occasions?

    No, T-shirts are typically casual garments best suited for regular wear or loosened up outings.

4. What makes a Western shirt unique?

    A Western shirt is described by snap buttons, burdens, and ornamental sewing, motivated by cowpoke clothing.

5. Can linen shirts be worn in cooler weather?

Linen shirts are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for more smoking conditions or pre-summer months.

15 Different Types of Shirts For Men

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