6 Different ways to drape a Saree


Saree is called a “sari”, saree is spelling. Most popular ladies’ clothing in South Asia, especially in Indian subcontinent countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Srilanka. Rarely do women miss wearing a saree on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and any other party. Wearing a saree makes women more attractive and gorgeous; a saree wearing counts as a formal and informal dress and is mostly used as formal clothing. Here we discuss 6 Different ways to drape a Saree below, hope you would love it.

Drape a Saree

The very famous saying “Change is the only constant” couldn’t be truer when it comes to fashion. The trend that has held its ground is the classic saree throughout the centuries. Saree is a garment that truly reflects a woman’s elegance and timelessness, India is a stockpot of different varieties in Sarees from Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Paithani, and various others.

Saree seems to be great on each body kind and in fact, makes a lady looks slim if draped in such a technique! There are plethoras of ways to drape a saree; however, some styles require a saree of a particular length, design, and form. Saree is the most ethnic yet elegant attire one can come up with. At the same time, not everyone does saree drapes the same way. Saree can be worn in more than 80 recorded ways. The most common being wrapped around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to be worn over the shoulder, baring the midriff. With one saree, you can achieve different looks and styles! It’s going to be nothing like you’ve tried and it’s definitely going to be flattering. Women look elegant in any type of saree that they wear. You’ll get to know some easy ways to drape a saree. You will get to know 6 different ways to drape a saree. So let’s get started.

Types of different ways to drape a Saree

We fetch you some different saree styles to wear with a modern twist and button up a traditional look and drape them.

1. Scarf/Neck wrap style:

Scarf /Neck wrap style Saree drape

The scarf/Neck wrap style is not only very contemporary but also stylish, and it will also keep you warm during those cold winter weddings.

Method: Instead of draping the pallu of your saree the regular way, try draping it like different scarves. When you want to wear your saree around your neck, you should just do it as it is quite the trend. You can make it look like a scarf; add some glam to it with a belt and some funky accessories!!

2. Cape-style saree

This saree draping is one inclination that has crunched into the trend and we love this cape-over outfit trend.

Method: It is a perfect saree draping method to jazz up the look a bit. The idea behind draping a saree with a matching cape over it is amazing. Select your desired saree and find a cape stitched so you can dress over it to add zing to things.

3. Belt Style

Belt Style Saree drape
Belt Style Saree drape

Belted saree drape is perhaps inspired by our traditional waist chain on bridal sarees. A thin, broad, or cloth belt could also be tried.

Method: Drape your saree the normal way and just add a belt that cinches your pallu at the waist. You can even use a kamarbhandh if you want to go for a more traditional look. An off-shoulder or any other statement blouse would add some to your outfit.

4. Dhoti Style

Dhoti style drape a saree
Dhoti style drape a saree

Try out this offbeat look the next time you have to attend a wedding. Dhoti-style saree draping is very similar to a pant-style saree and is a heavy mix of traditional and modern. Dhoti sarees have been popularized by gorgeous actresses like Samantha, Shilpa Shetty, and Sonam Kapoor who have worn and rocked this saree drape.

Method: For better draping, you can use leggings instead of a petticoat. The style is a bit tricky Dhoti style saree is very easy and quick to adorn. Just drape the saree around the lower waist leaving around 1-2 mm to the non-pallu end. Now overlap both ends keeping the right section over the left, fix it with a pin. Drape the pallu with pleats of around 2-3 inches and pin it to the blouse. Take the lower part from the pallu around the hips and secure this in front with a pin. Now take the leftover part from the left and drape the pleats from the end to form an exquisite dhoti-like drape. Bring these pleats back and tuck them there. Now pleat the front part and tuck it. Make sure that the border is clearly visible to display the graphic appeal of the saree.

5. Mermaid Style:

The difference here is not so much if you compare mermaid style saree with Mumtaz saree and lehenga saree. Everything is the same but when you take hold of pallu again, there comes a twist.

Method: This draping style spreads out the lower part of the pleats, which in turn, looks like a tail of a mermaid. There seems to be a lot of work, but only a few extra tucks and pleats are required. It showcases the pallu of the saree more vehemently than any other. So pick out broader and lavishly worked pallus. Leave the pallu hanging there such that it falls 4 inches short of the platform. Tuck in the leftover into the saree.

6. Pant Style

Pant style saree drape
Pant style saree drape

This method is to wear a saree with pants, instead of a petticoat. Pant could be any kind of lighter fabric that makes it comfortable. You can go to parties or anywhere wearing this, very easy and comfortable. And pants showing from the outside, a combination of saree and pants.

*And few more styles are also available to drape a saree, those are Butterfly style, Lehenga style, Front Pallu style, and pre-stitched gown style. But those are less popular, that is why we did not go into details on those.

Draping a Saree is a style for women, so they always trying to find the way which suits them most. Saree wearing is almost the same for all but draping makes a variety and attractiveness in looking.




6 Different ways to drape a Saree

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