The Fashion Sense

The Fashion Sense

We often hear or come across phrases the fashion sense or the right fashion sense. Mostly in newspaper articles, we find reviews for what celebrities are wearing. They are often judged for their fashion sense. They are judged for combining fashion articles and accessories. One must be peculiar in taste and have a good fashion sense while coming to carrying fashionable clothing and accessories.

The Fashion sense

The right combination of these makes to applaud or criticism is certainly following your fashion statement. The fashion critics are always running around people who are famous to find what they are wearing and make it news of what the world is always ready to absorb. Let’s focus on what is the correct fashion sense. Wearing a dress by a famous fashion designer is not enough. It’s the right fashion ensemble which is primary to a fashion statement. Clothing alone is not sufficient for completing the look but the proper selection of the dresses or suits combined with the most perfect accessories is. It does not mean to match accessories as the same color of the attire even contrast or accessories in neutral colors go well. Not only this silver or gold accessories like a purse, jewelry, or a watch can be combined. These combinations can bring applause or criticism as the correct sizes and shapes also matter. For example, too much-pointed footwear can put off a fashion look. Similarly, an ensemble in which everything in red may make one look weird whereas an accessory in black or white color may complete the entire look in a wonderful way making the fashion sense of the wearer praiseworthy. Sometimes even cheap accessories can add chic to the look which an expensive item cannot accomplish only if selected with careful thought. Here cheap means less expensive and not low quality. One can grab selective pieces of accessories which can be used later on from fares or popup markets also. These accessories especially for Women can later be used to complete fashion looks. At times, fashion accessories like footwear can be picked up from such markets which can add glam to your looks later on. In the same way, exhibitions are best for selecting fabrics throughout India to make dresses or to pick attires and accessories to make unique fashion statements. This can come out wonderfully for both men and women especially in the case of ethnic wear however, even wonders can be created for contemporary clothing. The looks can be worked out for an overall less expensive to an expensive look. Similarly, people like to mix n match things from different stores to make a fashion statement. The art of mixing and matching requires good taste and is itself a skill. It is not just a cup of tea for everyone that anyone can drink. The spectators decide how a fashion statement or the look arouses their interest. The interest can generate positive feedback or negative feedback in the form of criticism. For an instance, color blocking in a look may appear attractive but color blocking of shocking colors may appear weird. This is so as color blocking is traditionally done only in bright colors in Africa. Fashion sense is one’s taste and skill in putting clothing and accessories together to make the entire look eye-catching and enthralling. A good fashion sense is praised while a bad one is criticized. Every celebrity nowadays due to the presence of media is on the run to make a good fashion statement to be praised for his or her fashion sense.

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The Fashion Sense

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