DTM meaning in Garments Industry

There are many terms and definitions used in the Garments Industry. Working in the garments industry, we need to know all these things. All are technical terms and very important for merchandisers, QC inspectors, GPQ, production responsible, and buyer QC. DTM means in the garments Industry is dyed to match, it means the color of trims, and accessories are dyed to match the base body color of cloth. This term is used in the apparel and fashion industry. Here I present details of DTM meaning in the Garments Industry.

DTM stands for “dyed to match”, it means the color of raw materials trims, and accessories. DTM mention in the specification sheet, tech pack, or BOM sheet. Every solid color garment fabric has a color, so all other trims and accessories used should match the body fabric color. Dyed to match DTM means dyeing the material with the required body color, so it matches the cloth color. Trims are buttons, sewing threads, and woven tapes dyed in a color that matches the garment’s base color or body fabric color.

DTM meaning in Garments Industry

In the garment tech pack or spec sheet, buyers mention trim color as DTM to body fabric color. Some trims are not readily available in the matching color of the fabric. So, trims are required to dye as of body fabric color. When a garment merchandiser sends trims for dyeing as of the fabric color, they also call it dyeing is needed as DTM. For color matching factory sends fabric cuttings of the garment or the Pantone color number of the fabric.

For example, we received some orders for Men’s bottom items, the product is pants. In that men’s pants, the customer requires a DTM thread, button. So garment merchandiser orders these materials with the base body fabric sample. And these buttons are dyed by the supplier matching the fabric color and shade. So I think, now we are very clear about DTM meaning in the Garments industry.

DTM meaning in Garments Industry

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