Bill of Material (BOM) in Apparel Industry

What is BOM in Apparel Industry?

BOM is a Bill of materials; a list of materials needed for a style.  BOM sheet found in the spec sheet of customer, garments merchandiser follows the sheet handling an export order. Firstly, the merchandiser cannot work with the BOM sheet in any order. After getting an order from the buyer, first, need to source the required raw material (Fabric, trims, and accessories) to start the production. Bill of material (BOM) has the full material details. Firstly, it is made for material sourcing initial stages of any purchase order. In conclusion, this is an important document for the merchandiser and quality team as well to ensure the right materials use. Hope this article will give you a clear idea of the bill of a material sheet, and also you would love to read this.

Bill of Material (BOM) in Apparel Industry
BOM Sheet

BOM sheet in information in Apparel industry

  1. Material Name, code, and use.
  2. Consumption or quantity to be used per piece of garment.
  3. Nominated Supplier/ Vendor name for every material.
  4. Material cost
  5. Material specification
  6. Material color, color code, or DTM mention
  7. Material size information  
  8. Material length, width, weight
  9. Washing type
  10. Care Instructions of care Label
  11. Pictures of all accessories.
  12. Material placement in garments (where to be used)
  13. Season

BOM (Bill of Material) Sheet example of some Materials


Supplier:ABC Fabric
Pattern #:121820DB
Construction:120×70 45×45
Fiber Content:55% Cotton/45% Polyester Yarn Dyed Dobby Plaid
Weight:350 GSM
Wash:Silicone Wash

Care Instructions of Care Label: Machine Wash Cold with like colors Only, Non-Chlorine Bleach when needed,  Tumble Dry, Medium Iron. **Also include English, Spanish, and French Translation (Tri-lingual Care Label).

Accessories info BOM:

Collar Type/ Neck Finish:Spread Collar
Sleeve Type/ Sleeve Finish:Long sleeve; 2 snap western cuff
Closure Type/Size/Color:16L Trims Master H7/N Snaps
Zipper ColorSilver
Hanger Clip Color: Red
Thread Color: DTM (Dyed to match)
Embroidery Type/Colors:C7335
Embroidery Placement:Yokes; Pocket Flaps; Collar; CF Placket
Main LabelWS124BR
Riser LabelN/A
Care LabelCare label
Warranty CardTG85245

In conclusion, this is an example that how a bill of material will be.

Bill of Material (BOM) in Apparel Industry

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