Fashion Among Elite and Impoverished

People judge us with the clothes we wear, the reality of the day, and our dress, clothing become part of our social identity and class. Clothing from necessity has evolved and fashion has come into existence. People use to stitch by hand and then came the sewing machine which made the fashions fast. In the beginning, only elites shared the luxury of fashion but now everyone has access to it. Fashionable clothing is available to all and in all price ranges so everyone can afford it. Not only this with the throwaway fashion nowadays the poor also have access to fashion as old clothes are given away as charity. The trendy clothing is now available and worn by models on the runway, high-end consumers, middle class, and lower strata of society. It is quite an obvious desire of everyone and everyone can now have a reach. The only difference is the elite wear it afresh while the impoverished wear worn-out or slightly shabby ones. The rich wear the clothes bought or gifted to them which are exactly brand new and fresh in stock. As soon as a trend hits the market it will be seen in the wardrobes of the rich and soon they are seen commonly worn by them. They are seen flaunting their favorite colors, and styles on different occasions. Once they are full of boredom they then pass on their fashion items to the poor. The less privileged ones are always happy to take them and wear them as fashionable pieces. Evenings are the best time when they are off from work and get ready for gatherings where they can show off what they are carrying. Nowadays, piercing, haircuts, and hair dyeing are often trendy fashion statements by the less wealthy as well. As far as care of the attires is concerned, the reality is the clothing of the rich is more well managed and taken care of as compared to the poorer people. The main differences are shabby or worn-out clothes, cheap accessories mainly footwear which is carried by the impoverished ones. The accessories worn by the less privileged are cheap versions and alternatives.

There is definitely a lot of contrast between the footsteps of Fashion followed by the elite and the impoverished. The fashion combination by the elite is far more refined than the less fortunate ones. The less privileged ones have less expensive alternatives to combine for a fashion statement. The fashion combination by them is not that popular but sometimes picked by runways. However, the elite picks up trends from fashion runways and sometimes mix and match fashion items to set trends.

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Fashion Among Elite and Impoverished

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