Trims and Accessories used in Garments Industry

Trims and Accessories

Apart from fabric, many other items/materials used to make garments called trims and accessories are used in the garments industry for making complete finished garments. Trims refer to that garment that is connected with garments whereas accessories are opposite and not attached to clothing, it’s actually ‘garnishing’ in the garments industry. Trim’s examples are well known as sewing thread, buttons, zippers, labels, interlining, etc. Examples of accessories are poly bags, safety pins, neck boards, etc. Basically, trim has prime objects and accessories are for packaging. These two are mainly connected with garments one is like we can’t run without it whereas without another we can manage things. The BOM page of the spec sheet mentions which items to be used in a specific product package. There are so many trims and accessories used in the garments industry, here we discussed those.

What are trims in the Garments Industry?

The materials which directly attached to the garment’s body by sewing or pressing are called trims. Trims play a functional role in garments, sewing process cannot be done without trims. A garment will not be complete without trims. Examples of trims: Button, zipper, sewing thread.

What are accessories in the Garments Industry?

The materials which are not directly attached to the garment’s body by sewing have no use of functional, only used for packing and finishing purposes is called accessories in the garments industry. Accessories items are mostly different tags, packaging stickers, and other items packed with garments which increase garments decoration.

Trims and Accessories

The other is the patches used to decorate clothing, usually the embroidered patch, the PVC patch, etc. They are not essential decorations for the garment industry, but people who like to personalize and pursue trends usually use them to change clothing’s appearance or style, which makes embroidered patches and PVC patches become popular fashion accessories. Patches can usually be ironed or sewn on your clothing, bags, shoes, etc. They are durable, waterproof, and very easy to use.

List of Trims used in the Garments industry

1. Labels

2. Buttons

3. Zippers

4. Padding

5. Lining

6. Interlining

7. Lace

8. Braid

9. Motif

10. Elastic

11. Thread

12. Twill Tape

13. Stopper

14. String/Draw Cord

15. Piping Cord

16. Emblem

17. Logo Print

18. Swivel Hook

19. Eyelet/ Grommet

20. Collar Stay

21. Cord Bell

22. Buckle

23. Rivet

24. Weaving Belt

25. Hook and Eye

26. Velcro Tape

27. Seam Sealing tape

28. Shoulder pad

29. Cable (steelware)

30. Adjuster

31. Recco

32. Elastic Threads

33. Shoulder Tape

List of Accessories used in the Garments Industry

1. Polybag

2. Elastic bag

3. Mini Polybag

4. Master Carton

5. Inner Carton

6. Size Clip

7. P.P.Band

8. Tag Pin

9. Brass Pin

10. Collar Stand

11. Safety Pin

12. Gum Tape

13. Arrow Sticker

14. Scotch Tape

15. Barcode

16. Defect Indicator

17. Tissue Paper

18. Back Board

19. Neck Board

20. Butterfly

21. Numbering Stickers

22. Hanger

23. Size Stickers

24. Carton Pad

25. Both Side Tape

26. Plastic Staple

27. Iron Seal

28. Clip

29. Ball chain

30. Size Tag

31. Carton Sticker

32. Safety Sticker

33. Plastic Clip

Trims and Accessories used in Garments Industry

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