Job Description of a Quality Inspector in Garments Industry

Job Description of a Quality Inspector in the Garments Industry

A quality inspector is a person who checks the quality of products in a raw material form or final form or any phase of processing, such as sampling, cutting, sewing, finishing, packing, and before shipment. An inspector generally checks whether the manufactured product conforms to the quality specifications given by the buyer. In this article, we present the Job Description of a Quality Inspector in the Garments Industry.

Before talking about a quality inspector job description, who is a quality inspector in the garments industry? An inspector who inspects everything for quality, sorts good and bad, and measures according to customer specifications. Explore comprehensive details on the Job Description of a Quality Inspector in the Garments Industry and what does a Quality Inspector does in the garments industry.

Job Description of a Quality Inspector in Garments Industry

Quality Inspector Job Description: What does a Quality Inspector do in a Garments Industry

The quality inspector is a very important official in the garments industry. Customer satisfaction and the reputation of the company, to a large extent, depend upon him. His job responsibilities are given below:

  1. Quality inspectors maintain the right quality management system (QMS) to ensure the quality of a product.
  2. He will ensure that the QMS is in place and working as envisaged.
  3. He will ensure that the existing QMS satisfies the buyer.
  4. Quality inspector maintains customers’ expectations by improving QMS.
  5. He will ensure that buyer specifications are correctly understood. If there is any confusion, he will confirm the buyer’s actual specifications; otherwise, communicate with the buyer.
  6. Ensure that the AQL of the company is appropriately maintained and exceeded.
  7. Ensure that all incoming, in-process and final goods are properly inspected or documented.
  8. He will ensure that all goods coming into the store are rigorously inspected for quality and quantity.
  9. Ensure that traffic light chart system of in-line inspection system is installed and working.
  10. Install both preventive and remedial measures against the occurrence of any defect.
  11. He is responsible for failure of quality passed garments.
  12. He will ensure that all of his personnel are well-trained.
  13. Ensure continuous training of personnel to enhance their skill.
  14. Ensure rigorous control of defects, rejects, repairable and washable garments.
  15. He will plan for year-wise improvements in quality.
  16. Prepare a Quality Manual for the company so that the company’s Quality policy & procedures are known to all and implemented at all levels.
  17. Also, ensure that the Quality Manual includes all policies, procedures, methods, and measures so as to unify actions.
  18. He will monitor the performance of suppliers of raw materials.
  19. He will have his personnel motivated.
  20. Quality inspectors ensure that the supplier-customer chain is maintained in the production process.
  21. He will ensure that production commences only when worksheet-approved sample & swatch cards are at hand.
  22. Measure every part according to the spec sheet.
  23. Making online inspection reports during the inspection and informing a superior.


A quality inspector in the garments industry ensures that clothing items meet specified standards by examining materials and finished products for defects. They play a crucial role in maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction through the perfection of the inspection process.

Job Description of a Quality Inspector in Garments Industry

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