List of Machinery used in Garments Industry and their Functions

We cannot think about any industry without machinery, machineries are the heart of any industry. The garments industry is based on sewing machines. There are different types of sewing machines used in the garment industry like lock stitch sewing machines, chain stitch sewing machines,s and many others. Apart from sewing machines, the garment industry has many other machines from fabric inspection to shipping. Sewing operation cannot run with the sewing machine; for cutting, you just need a cutting machine. Here I present about the list of Machinery used in the Garments Industry and their Functions.

List of Machinery used in Garments Industry and their Functions

Functions of Machinery used in the Garments Industry

We added all departments’ Machinery used in the Garments Industry for the general concept.

SLName of MachineFunctions of MachineUsing Section/ department
1Fabrics inspection machineUse to do fabric inspection in a 4-point system to check fabrics defectsFabrics inspection -Fabric Warehouse
2Plotter printing machinePrint Garments marker for cutting sectionCAD Section
3Fabric Relaxation MachineTo relax stretch Fabrics before spreading as per Fabric Relaxation SOPCutting Department
4Cutting machineCut fabrics as per markerCutting Department
5Fusing machineFusing process to Fuse interliningFusing process-Sewing
6Embroidery machineTo set Embroidery in garmentsEmbroidery section
7Sewing machineSewing process to sew garmentsSewing Section
8Thread Trimmer machineThread trimming of garments uncut threadFinishing Section
9Thread sucking machineReduce loose and unnecessary threads from garments.Finishing Section
10Pressing/Iron machinePressing garments by steam to get good appearancesFinishing Section
11Pull test machineTo determine the pulling strength of any type of buttonFinishing Section
12Metal detector machineTo get a metal-free final product in a cartonPacking and Finishing Section
13Barcode scanning machineScan stickers and ticketing of garmentsFinishing Section
14Digital Vernier CaliperMeasurement of Snap Button pinch settingButton Attaching- Finishing
15Heat seal joining machineSet up a heat seal label on GarmentsFinishing Section
16Zebra printerCase label printing machine- Print case labels of garments cartonMerchandising-Packing
17Moisture checking machineFind out the moisture percentage of finished garmentsPacking Section
18Digital HygrometerDetermine RH% for every sectionAll section-specially warehouse
19Air compressor machineProduce compressed air for the machine and maintenance departmentUtility section
20Boiler machineGenerate hot steam for the Iron machineUtility section
21GeneratorProduce electricity to supply in the factory during the load shedding of the power supplyUtility section
22Water pumpPick water for the factoryUtility section
  • 23. Oven Dryer: Function- Dry Garments to reduce moisture from garments.
  • 24. Washing Machine: For washing garments after the sewing process.
List of Machinery used in Garments Industry and their Functions

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