12 Types of Embroidery Defects Found in Garments Industry

Different Types of Embroidery process Defects produced in the Garments Industry Embroidery is a very special and sensitive process done over clothing fabrics. To make the garments look more beautiful we do the embroidery on the product. But while doing the embroidery there happened some defects that hampered the quality. Timely detection and corrective action[…]

Functions of Fabric Inspection Department in Apparel Industry

In the Apparel industry, a fabric QC team (Fabric Inspection Department) works to maintain all fabric procedures in the incoming inspection stage. They have to inspect fabric, do shade checks, Shrinkage tests, and do many other works. Here we present the Functions of the Fabric Inspection Department in the Apparel Industry. What are the Functions[…]

How to do Repair (Rework) of Garments Defects

Defects are the only barrier in the smooth garment manufacturing process. So defects have to rework/repaired/mended in order to get a good product. Repair of garments defects to remove the defect. This is the way to convert defective garments to defect-free garments. So how to do that? Garments rework is the process of assessing and[…]

Major, Minor, and Critical Defects in Garments Industry

A defect is a kind of flaw. To maintain a good quality level, we need to know about defects produced in the garments industry. A common and popular word in the garments industry is a defect. Rejecting the item is another term for garment faults. The garments industry is prone to a variety of flaws[…]

Dehumidification Process of Dry Room in Garments Industry

Dehumidification Process of Dry Room in the Garments Industry In order to get mold-free garments reaching customers, you need to control some specific things on the production floor and warehouse. The dehumidification process is a critical step in the garment business for maintaining product quality and guaranteeing a pleasant working environment for employees. Dehumidification entails[…]

Quality Checkpoints in Garments Industry

Quality inspection and its checkpoints are defined by a process by a process in the garments industry. No checkpoints can be skipped. Garments quality inspection is all about Fabrics, Trims, Accessories, Cutting, sewing, and finishing inspection. Quality control checkpoints are the complete checklist of what to check in the QC inspection in the garments industry. This[…]

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