Literally, Quality is customer satisfaction. If customer is satisfied with your garments quality, definitely your product have quality.

So Quality control is very important in Apparel industry.  Here you will see all quality related articles in this category.

Application of Pantone for Color Evaluation in Textile and Apparel

Color Evaluation in Textile and Apparel: The Application of Pantone Introduction: Pantone is a color-matching system in the standard form. It has occupied the fashion and apparel industry through the Pantone swatch card. The Pantone swatch card is a creation on a double-layered fabric. Moreover, it gets formulated to ensure color fastness and color consistency.[…]

Fusing Process Quality inspection in Garments Industry

What is Fusing Process in the Garments? Fusing is a process in the garments industry where fusing material (Fusible interlining cloth) attaches to the fabric by heat and pressure. The heat and pressure make bonding between fabric and interlining. Interlining is a thermoplastic adhesive resin. It actually a joining process of fabric and fusing fabric[…]

What is Fabric Specification Sheet?

Fabric is an important and basic element in clothing and fashion. We cannot imagine the world of human Beings with fabric in the era. The fabric has to go through many processes and tests up to the finishing process. There are many types of fabric used for various purposes. Textile and Apparel merchandisers spent a[…]

Fabric Relaxation SOP in Garments Industry

“Fabric Relaxation”, many people have requested to write something about Fabric Relaxation. Fabric Relaxation procedure ensures that stretch (spandex blend) fabrics or the fabric where required relaxation is relaxed as per the requirement prior to the cutting process. Fabric relaxation is one of the points of cutting quality control. Relaxation is very important to get[…]

Responsibilities of Quality Manager in the Garments Industry

“Quality First’ a famous tagline is used everywhere on the manufacturing floor in the garments industry. The meaning is garments industry has to focus on quality as first priority over anything. Apparel and Fashion retailers focus on good quality garments for sourcing. For quality control, many staff is recruited for the quality department. They are[…]

Quality Control inspection in Garments Industry

Quality Control inspection in Garments Cutting, Sewing and packing are the processes to make garments. But here many defects produce during the garment manufacturing process. Those defects are arrested in garments quality inspection. Quality inspectors of the QC team involve in quality inspection processes. Garments are made to export to overseas countries. So, Quality control[…]

Quality Control Department in Garments Industry

Quality Control Department Quality is the prime concern for the garment manufacturing process. If quality is good, nothing to worry about in the garments industry. So, we need to produce the product RFT (Right First Time). Clients pay us only for the good quality piece but not for the defect or rejections. So quality is[…]

Washing Quality check Points in Apparel Industry

Washing is one finishing process that increases the appearance of garments, making the product softer. Garments look glossier, washed garments are more comfortable to wear. The purpose of this content is to describe the standard procedure for washing quality inspection. Garments wash control to ensure quality is supplied to the finishing process. We cannot avoid[…]

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