SMV/ SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry


SAM stands for “standard allowed minute” and SMV stands for “Standard Minutes Value”; an important term for industrial engineering, the application is in any manufacturing. SAM and SMV are almost the same things, only if we add allowance with the SMV, it becomes SAM. So the formula comes, SAM = SMV+ Allowance % and SMV= Cycle time* operator rating; but the purpose of this calculation is the same. Hope the below data would help you to determine the SMV / SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry.

SAM/ SMV Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry

SMV/ SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry

Si.NoName of the operationsCycle timeBasic minute10% Bundle
20% m/c
& personal
SAM or SMVMachine
1Collar lying14.400.
2Collar fusing14.400.
3Collar make6. (VM)
4Collar make t/s10.420.
5Band lying14.400.
6Band fusing14.
7Band rolling7.
8Band matching6.920.
9Band join12.
10Band join t/s10.900.
11Cuff lying14.
12Cuff fusing14.400.
13Cuff rolling12.400.
14Cuff marking10.500.
15Cuff make10.330. (VM)
16Cuff conner point29.590.490.050.100.64Man
17Cuff t/s16.
18pkt rolling10.
19Pkt join40.000.670.070.130.87SNLS
20Pkt Iron10.
21Back yoke join13.820.
22Back yoke t/s7.800.
23Pair tuck10.330.
24BTN placket lying7.
25BTN placket roling7.590.
26BOX placket roling7.590.
27BOX placket fusing2.940.
28Slv gamble join8.980.
29Gamble tuck6.790.
30Slv Placket join11.
31Back & front parts matching6.750.
32Front join15.
33Shoulder t/s15.
34Slv matching with body11.
35Slv join11. o/l
36A.H t/s15.620.
37Care lbl attacht9.350.
38Collar marking14.
39Collar join14.
40Collar join t/s with lbl17.
41Side join25.000.420.040.080.54F.O.A
42Hem scissoring15.
44Cuff matching with slv21.560.360.040.070.47Man
45Cuff join40.650.680.070.140.88SNLS
46Hole stitch7.440. m/c
47BTN Marking20.620.340.030.070.45Man
48BTN stitch68.721. m/c
50Thread cutting47.570.790.080.161.03Man
Total time771.5212.861.292.5716.72 
SMV/ SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry

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