Sewing Line layout for Shirt in Garments Industry

Sewing Line Layout

The sewing line layout is a complete setup of machines, manpower, and equipment to run the sewing process in the section. Layout set based on product category and similarities of product. The layout is an important part to get the best possible output in a garments industry. As setting layout takes time, the layout does not change easily. Here in this article, we have given a sewing line layout of a shirt.

Sewing line layout for Shirt in Garments
Sewing line Layout

Sewing Line Layout for Shirt in the Garments Industry:

Sl. No.Process NameM/C TypeGuide/FolderNeedle SizeStitch TypeSPISewing ThreadM/C QuantityOperatorHelperIron
1Collar MakeSNLS(V.M)Plain feet143016-740/240/211113
2Collar Make T/SSNLS3/16 R.S1430110-1140/240/2111 2
3Band rollingSNLS5/16 R.S1430110-1140/240/2111 2
4Band JoinSNLS(V.M)1/4 Plain feet143019-1040/240/211  1
5Band T/SSNLS1/16 L.S1430110-1140/240/2111 2
6Cuff rollingSNLS5/16 R.S1430110-1140/240/211113
7Cuff MakeSNLS(V.M)1/4 Plain feet143016-740/240/222  2
8Cuff T/SSNLS3/16 R.S1430110-1140/240/2221 3
9Main lblSNLS1/16 R.S1430110-1140/240/211  1
10Back Yoke JoinSNLSPlain feet143019-1040/240/211  1
11Back Yoke T/SSNCS3/16 R.S1440110-1140/240/211  1
12Pair TuckSNLSPlain feet143014-540/240/211  1
13BTN PlacketSNLS1/16 L.S &
22mm folder
1430110-1140/240/211 12
14Box PlacketKansai28mm plain feet1440210-1140/240/2111 2
15SLV GambleSNLS1/16 L.S &
8mm folder
1430110-1140/240/211  1
16Gamble TuckSNLSPlain feet1430110-1140/240/211  1
17Placket JoinSNLS1/16 L.S & R.S1430110-1140/240/2221 3
18Front JoinSNLSPlain feet143019-1040/240/2111 2
19Shoulder T/SSNLS1/16 R.S14301 40/240/211  1
20SLV Join5 th o/l 1451611-1240/240/2111 2
21A.H.T/SSNCS3/16 R.S1440110-1140/240/211  1
22Collar JoinSNLSPlain feet1430110-1140/240/2111 2
23Collar join T/SSNLS1/16 L.S1430110-1140/240/222  2
24Care lblSNLSPlain feet143019-1040/240/211  1
25Side JoinF.O.APlain feet &
1/4 folder
1440210-1140/240/2221 3
26Cuff JoinSNLS1/16 L.S &
Cuff folder
1430110-1140/240/2221 3
27HemSNLS1/16 L.S &
5mm folder
1430110-1140/240/2111 2
28Hole StitchHSM12.7 mm knife1430410-1140/240/2222 4
29BTN StitchBSM16L1430410-1140/240/2222 4

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Sewing Line layout for Shirt in Garments Industry

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