Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt in Apparel industry

Sewing Thread Consumption

Sewing thread consumption is required to know for any apparel industry. Thread consumption is the amount the thread needed for operation at a certain length. So that merchandiser can budget the thread amount against any order. There are different types of stitches used in apparel, and each stitch consumption differs from the other. Factors of thread consumption and you need to know these things to do thread consumption:

  1. Stitching consumption in a certain length of every process.
  2. The number of threads used per process.
  3. Stitching length of every process of shirts.
  4. And keep wastage 5%.
Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt in Apparel industry

Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt– Process stitching consumption/cm

Sl.NoName of the Machine and stitchConsumption/ CM
1Single needle lock stitch (SNLS)2.5 CM
2Double-needle lock stitch (DNLS)5 CM
3Feed of the arm (F.O.A)14 CM
43 Thread over lock (3th O/L )17 CM
55 Thread over lock (5th o/l)22 CM
7Single needle chain stitch (SNCS)7 CM
8Double needle chain stitch (DNCS)14 CM
9Bar tack m/c (BTM)24 CM
10Button stitch m/c (BSM)8/ per hole CM
114 Thread over lock (4th o/l)19 CM
12Hole stitch m/c (HSM)24 CM
13Lap seam6 CM
14Flat lock16 CM
15Flat lock (Zig Zag)19 CM

Process-wise Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt

1Collar MakeSNLS(V.M)66.52.5166.25
2Collar Make T/SSNLS63.52.5158.75
3Band rollingSNLS542.5135
4Band JoinSNLS(V.M)55.52.5138.75
5Band T/SSNLS462.5115
6Main lblSNLS182.545
7Back Yoke JoinSNLS552.5137.5
8Back Yoke T/SSNCS557385
9Pair TuckSNLS102.525
10BTN PlacketSNLS782.5195
11Box PlacketKansai78141092
12Pkt rollingSNCS167112
13Pkt joinSNLS452.5112.5
15Front JoinSNLS422.5105
16Shoulder T/SSNLS422.5105
17SLV Join5 th o/l132222904
19Collar JoinSNLS542.5135
20Collar join T/SSNLS692.5172.5
21Care lblSNLS102.525
22Side JoinF.O.A128141792
23Slv rollingSNLS902.5225
25Hole StitchHSM10.524252
26BTN StitchBSM732224
Total Consumption10110.75
ThreadOrder quantityCutting quantityLength 20% allowance (m)Cone lengthNo. of Cone
Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt in Apparel industry

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