medical textile

An Overview of Disposable Surgical Gowns

A disposable Surgical gown is for doctors and nurses in an operating room. A cloth considers ‘personal protective equipment- PPE’ to prevent the transfer of microorganisms and body fluids from the operating staff doctor, or nurse to the patient. The surgical gown is a wonderful discovery in modern Medical Textiles, very easy to wear. Surgical[…]

Classification of Medical Textile

With the advent of the ultra-modern era, development has unveiled its multi dynamics. In the nineteenth century, the basic necessities of a common man were food, shelter, and clothing whereas now it has sub-stranded and divided between access to mobility, technology, healthcare, and whatnot. Consequently, if we focus back to clothing and forth to the[…]

Overview of Medical Textile

Among the variation of clothing lines medical textile is a little bit different, sensitive & way too much innovative; because this is not just only focused on apparel based; in the general sense most commonly used in the protection of healthcare professionals & patients from containment fluids. The major requirements for medical textiles are that[…]

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