What is Double Knit Fabric? Uses, Characteristics and Features

Double Knit Fabric- the definition comprises using two sets of needles to create two loops at both the front and the back. The two loops are created in such a way making the two layers intertwined so that they do not fall off from each other. This makes it much more stable and stronger compared to normal knit fabrics and it becomes pretty much like woven fabrics after the making.

What is Double Knit Fabric?

Because double knit fabric is made by interlocking two layers of cloth together, it is thicker and more stable than single knit fabric. This produces a cloth that has a smooth surface on both sides and is reversible. Double knit materials are frequently used to create clothing items like dresses, skirts, and jackets that need to be durable and have structure.

What is Double Knit Fabric? Uses, Characteristics and Features

Uses of Double Knit Fabric

Double Knit Fabric has a number of uses. They can be used in tops, pants, skirts, cardigans, leggings, jackets etc.

Features of Double Knit Fabric

  • They do not allow wrinkles to cover them
  • Both sides are the same
  • Prepared by machines
  • Strong and Stable
  • Can be made from silk, synthetic and polyester
  • Dry Cleaning can be done easily
  • Do not shrink easily
  • Smooth Appearance
  • Neatly Finished
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Resilient
  • Reversible
  • Versatile

History of Double Knit Fabric

Double Knit Fabric was first introduced in the late 19th century. As the common saying goes that, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, it too resulted due to the increasing demand of a sturdy and durable garment which would last longer simultaneously giving an impressive appearance. It was initially made from wool but soon expanded to other materials like cotton and synthetics. Its popularity rose in the early 20th century and it continues to serve comfort as well as durability till date.  

Characteristics of Double Knit Fabric

Double Knit Fabric comprises of ample characteristics to be discussed. The characteristics are as follows:

  • Medium to Heavyweight Fabric- The weight of Double Knit Fabric is medium to heavy. This gives an excellent sense of comfort and durability to the user. It also provides a fit shape along with proper sturdiness.
  • Versatility- It can be used for a number of garments such as skirts, jackets, pants, trousers, hats, bags etc. as it comprises of different designs and patterns
  • Stability- It is extremely stable thus allowing it to carry a good shape
  • Thickness- It is extremely resistant to wear and tear. It is very spacious thus allowing a lot of space for extra coverage if required
  • Non-curling edges- The finishing is so soft and smooth that it does not curl at its edges. The finishing is neat and clean and the edges are flat
  • Reversible- Both sides of the apparel are well polished from both sides as they are identical in appearance from both sides concerned
  • Resistant- It highly prevents the fabric from having wrinkles and maintains a smooth finishing even after years or long duration of rough usage. It highly retains shape and gives an attractive impression.
  • Non-shrinking properties- It does not shrink even after years of usage, heavy washes, being exposed to different kinds of weather and moisture

Types of Double Knit Fabric

They are of six types.

  • Interlock– This is done by interlocking two layers of jersey knit which results in a smooth, stable and stretchy fabric. This is done to provide comfort to casual wear such as T-shirts, dresses and lingerie’s.
  • Ponte Di Roma- This is also known as Ponte which is used in drapes for its stable and light weight properties. It is made from materials such as rayon, nylon, spandex fibers. Ponte Di Roma gives smooth finishings, prevents wrinkles from occurring and allows rough and lengthy stretches. It is used in clothes like skirts, dresses, pants and blazers.  
  • Double Pique- Commonly made from cotton or cotton blends. It is very thick, stable and rigid in property. Makes breathing very easy and normally used for sportswear, polo shirts and casual wear.
  • Double Jacquard- Principally used in high-end fashion, upholstery and home décor. It is very popular for its designs, patterns, wonderful colourwork and amazing textures on both sides.
  • Rib Knit- It is very distinct in property or features as vertical lines or ribs run across the fabric. It is commonly used in cases of cuffs, collars, waistbands, T-shirts and sweaters particularly for its flexible and stretchy properties. Its elastic nature gives it a salient characteristic as well.
  • Milano Knit- Comprises of sophisticated materials such as viscose, nylon and spandex fibers. It is especially used for cloth materials such as skirts, dresses and jackets. The structure is smooth, fine textured and polished which gives an excellent shape, stretchy properties and fine elasticity. It is fantastically woven and densely made.

Comfort and Durability in Everyday Wear

Thus, we see that Double Knit Fabric is extremely comfortable and convenient for everyday use as well as special occasions. Its fine texture and sophisticated woven properties make room for daily ease. It provides one with fitness, good shape and gives a decent sense of fashion as well. Its other properties are just amazing making provisions and rooms for matching a diversity of colours, machine washable without risk of wear and tear and able to withstand hot and dry weathers. In addition, people even have the choice of selecting their desired or preferred cloth material along with the kind of garments they would like to put on. Needless to mention here, that the cloth material is extremely reliable, dependable, flexible, durable and versatile due to its preparation and making. So, Double Knit Fabric should be the best option for anyone who wants to be trendy and simultaneously comfortable and it is the perfect choice for every occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Double Knit Fabric

Some frequently asked questions regarding Double Knit Fabric are

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What is Double Knit Fabric? Uses, Characteristics and Features

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