What is Trim Card in Garments Industry | Its importance and use

What is Trim Card in the Garments Industry

The trim card is also known as ‘Swatch card‘, a common word in the garments manufacturing industry. So it is a Swatch card in the garments industry. To assure Fabric & Trims which are going to be used for production are approved by the Buyer / Merchandiser with details. Every Trim card has fabric and the Trims which will be used for the order are approved by the buyer, clearly can refer to make sure each item going to be used is correct. Everybody will be aware of each item in detail and standard. Trims card is also known as a “QC File” in the garments Industry, Trim Card ensures the correct material is used according to the bill of material (BOM). Trim Card: A trim card is used to show the approved trims by attaching all the trimmings and accessories of the garment. Supervisors on the production floor follow trim cards as a guide to identifying the correct trims.

What is the Importance of a Trim Card?

Trim cards are an important part of the pre-production process in the garment industry, and are used as a reference approval throughout the entire production process from pre-production to final inspection to ensure that the final product meets the same standards of color, quality, design, and aesthetics. Quality inspectors check and ensure the trims in the garment is matching with the card.

What is Trim Card in Garments Industry

Trim Card Application Procedure in Garments Manufacturing

  • Merchandiser should provide Fabric Swatch and Trim Card to stores consisting of each sample of items approved by the Buyer along with all Fabric and Trim booking sheets before receiving bulk at stores to identify items and quality supposed to be received.
  • After receiving bulk at stores, the Store should prepare four sets of Fabric/Trim Cards including Fabric swatches and each trim received at stores.
  • Stores In-charge shall get these Fabric/Trim cards prepared in the stores and shall certify Fabrics/trims included in the cards are correct after comparing them with the original trim card received with Buyer’s approval and report if there is an issue.
  • The merchandiser will check each item with Buyer’s approval and one set shall be given for Buying Office reference, one set for production, one set to be kept in the master file, and one set for Store.
  • Each item attached to this trim card shall not be changed by anybody for any reason.
  • Merchandiser and Q.A. Manager shall sign and approve the trim card which shall be used in production.
  • Merchandiser and Q.A. Manager shall assure that each item approved by them remains unchanged on this card till the completion of the order.
  • Finally Merchandising manager Q.A. Manager shall sign and approve this trim card before issuing it to the factory.
  • After completion of the order, this trim card shall be kept in the factory safely for future reference.
  • The factory shall not start bulk production without approval from Buyer, Merchandiser, and Q.A. Manager for Fabric and trims.
What is Trim Card in Garments Industry | Its importance and use

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