What is Fabric Jewelry ? How to Make Fabric Jewelry?

Gold, silver, pearls, and stones were wearing a lot of jewelry. Then, wearing a lot of jewelry, clay, and wood makes us look beautiful. Now, the latest fashion is fabric jewelry. Fabric or clothes jewelry made from yarn, fabrics, and paint. I am surprised to hear that it takes us to come. Clothing jewelry can be worn with any type of interfacing with local and foreign garments.

Many people prefer to wear simple clothing to jewelry with her a little differently, with innovations that will have a gorgeous looks. When you wear a simple saree or kameez with a normal neck, then the fabric jewelry is perfect for you. It girls’ put on jewelry at the neck then earring is not required. And may the wear wood, clay or yarn made bracelets on hand.

What is Fabric Jewelry?

Fabric Jewelry is affordable, decorative accessories that are designed to complement current fashion trends made by textile Fabric, yarn, paint, and other process. These pieces are made with less expensive materials like base metals, glass, plastic, or synthetic stones, allowing for a wide range of styles at a lower cost than fine jewelry. Examples of Jewelry made by Fabric are brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks.

What is Fabric Jewelry? How to Make Fabric Jewelry?
Fig: Fabric Jewelry

How to take care of our fabric jewelry:

After wearing the jewelry will be dried properly and keep it in the packet. It is never good to be wetting. It will be dry all the time.

How to Make Fabric Jewelry

Fabric jewelry is made from yarn, fabric, and paint. Different media decorate this jewelry.  Some media are as follows:

  • Fabric necklace or earrings is decorated with embroidery.
  • Some of the layers of fabric together have been the handiwork of different kinds.
  • Clothing design is commonly used in these stitches, such as nokshi kantha, cross-stitch, chain stitch, button sewing, and Gujarati stitch is also available. So jewelry is also made with the help of these stitches.
  • It was added to the glass, beads and cowri for decoration in any type of jewelry.
  • Sometimes use hand paint or dye for decoration.
  • Attire is that the clothes or dress in the same clothes they design are not from any of the motifs that is worn over the clothing, sometimes by contrast jewelry, looks like girls’ dress.
  • Some jewelry items is neckless, earrings, bracelets, rings etc.

What is Fabric Jewelry ? How to Make Fabric Jewelry?

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