Description of Tailoring Process in Details

Tailoring Process is dress-making based on individual measurement. So cutting and sewing clothes to fit the wearer’s body perfectly. Tailoring is the opposite of the industrial garments manufacturing process. Here we will discuss the Description of the Tailoring Process in Detail.

Tailoring is a garment making process by measuring one selected person’s body shape. In this garment-making system, the chosen person determines his/her favorite design, color, and fabric. The garments, all of the measurements, and every method can depend on the customer. The tailoring system makes cloth for one single person.

On the other hand, the garments industry system makes thousand of a dress in four/ five different sizes by taking babies, man, and women’s body’s ideal shapes and measurements. The garment system makes a pattern using a marker and cutting thousands of pieces of garments piece at a time and making them fully useable garment after sewing and finishing. Garments and tailoring are the same states of the garments manufacturing system, but in reality, it’s two different ways to make garments.

Tailoring is a small business, but the garment business with a vast world. The tailoring business is run by one administration, and a few tailors work to give the production. In a tailoring shop, a cutting master is required to take the measurement from the customer (selected person who want to make a garment by +96his/her body shape), a different part of the body and cut the fabric, send them to a tailor to sewing, make a desire dress to look them perfect.

Ironing or calendaring is required to give the perfect satisfaction to the customer after completing the dress. Sometimes the cutting master also does the job of a tailor. The tailoring system has its own style, like one tailor only sewing one type of dress; if the tailor is sewing pants, the tailor must sew pants, not shirts. A shirt takes a little longer to complete in a tailoring system than in a garment industrial system.

Description of Tailoring Process in Details

12 Things You Need to Know about Tailoring Process to Describe

  1. For one selected person to make, one dress is chosen.
  2. No need to grade anything.
  3. One sewing machine is able to make a garment.
  4. The making cost of the dress is more than the garments industry’s system.
  5. Feting of the dress is more than the garments industry’s system.
  6. Fabric wastage is much more than the garments industry’s system.
  7. The selected person’s own measurement is required to make a cloth, so there is no need to use a pattern.
  8. No need to use any industrial cutting machine in tailoring.
  9. The trial option helps the customer to fit their cloth by wearing that.
  10. Never use care code in tailoring.
  11. After getting the trial,, if the dress is not fit with the body, then there is an option to make it more comfortable as the customer requires.
  12. Tailor gives the customer priority first,, so they keep trying to get customer satisfaction.


For best-fitting individual dresses, tailoring is the best way to make them. All the uniform dresses make in tailoring. The tailoring process help to make customized clothes as per a person body shape.

Description of Tailoring Process in Details

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