Difference between Apparel and Fashion

Apparel and Fashion are two related things; there are many differences between the two. We can touch one, but cannot another. One is tangible, and the other is intangible. Here we present 7 Differences between Apparel and Fashion in below.


Apparel refers to clothing items, garments, or attire that people wear to cover and protect their bodies. It includes a wide range of items such as shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, and footwear. Apparel serves functional purposes, providing protection from the elements, modesty, and comfort. It encompasses both basic and essential clothing items, as well as specialized items for specific purposes such as sportswear, workwear, and formalwear.


Fashion, on the other hand, is a broader concept that encompasses more than just clothing. Fashion refers to a popular or prevailing style or trend in clothing, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and overall appearance. It involves the collective preferences, tastes, and choices of a particular time and culture. Fashion is influenced by various factors, including social, cultural, economic, and artistic trends. It is dynamic and constantly changing, reflecting the evolving desires and expressions of individuals and society as a whole.

Difference between Apparel and Fashion

Difference between Apparel and Fashion

1Apparel is garments or clothing; we can wear and touch it.We cannot touch Fashion
2It is dressed to wear human clothes.It is style and trends of the clothing items.
3It is protected us from the sun, and rain in the environment.It is eye-catching and gives an attractive look to the wearer
4It is permanent in nature and substantially exists.Fashion is a changeable aspect, as it changes every now and then.
5Apparel follows the tailoring and Bulk manufacturing process with the required spec.It works with Fashion trends and forecasts.
6It is tangible.It is intangible.
7Fashion is tied to trends and seasonsApparel is not tied to trends and seasons


Apparel refers to the actual garments and clothing items people wear, while fashion is a broader concept that encompasses the trends, styles, and preferences surrounding clothing and personal appearance. Apparel is the tangible aspect, while fashion is the intangible concept of style and trend.

Difference between Apparel and Fashion

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