Difference Between Apparel and Garment

Apparel and Garment are two common words to all of us. We got lots of emails to distinguish between these two. We can see clothing manufacturing companies’ names end with the garments industry or apparel industry. So both have the same meaning, isn’t it? Finally, I have decided to write about it. No, they have some differences and a common thing between them. Here we will discuss the differences between Apparel and Garments below.


Apparel is the final product of the human body including Fashion. Apparel term encompasses all types of clothing, including garments, Fashion accessories of us, and other items worn to cover or adorn the body. So it’s a broader term than a garment just for clothing.


Garment meaning is a little more specific that points out clothes and it can be any type of clothing. An example of a Garment is any clothing, such as a shirt, a T-shirt, a skirt, or a pair of jeans. The garment is a part of the apparel.

Difference Between Apparel and Garment

Difference between Apparel and Garment

1Clothing and all accessories used with it like bags, watches, shoes, scarves, etc. are collectively called apparel.Garment refers to any particular item of clothing.
2It has bags, watches, shoes, and clothing dresses under Apparel Category.Humans wearable all clothing dresses are garments
3It covers the whole things human needs like clothing and all Fashion items.It is clothes only
4Every item of apparel is not a Garment. Examples: bags and jewelry are not Garments.Garment is a big part of apparel; any Garment is apparel.
5Apparel is related to Fashion as well as other areas.The garment is not related to Fashion.
6Apparel discussing clothing collections, fashion trends, or the industry as a wholeIt represents a singular article of clothing.
7Examples of Apparel are dresses, suits, shirts, pants, hats, shoes, and even jewelry.Examples of Garments are a shirt, a pant, a skirt, or pair of jeans


From the above discussion, we understand that All garments (Clothing) are apparel but all apparels are not garments. So one thing common between the two, different types of clothing is both garment and Apparel; but apparel has Footwear, jewelry, and Fashion accessories as well.

The differentiation between “apparel” and “garment” showcases the multifaceted nature of clothing and the thoughtful craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece. While “apparel” embraces the entirety of one’s wardrobe everything we use for Fashion as a human being, “garment” shines a spotlight on individual creations that contribute to the rich tapestry of fashion. By comprehending these terms, fashion enthusiasts can gain a deeper appreciation for the industry’s intricacies and the artistry behind every stitch and design.

Difference Between Apparel and Garment

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