Different Types of Coats for Men and Women

Different Types of Coats for Men and Women

As we know, after the end of autumn and the start of the winter season, it is seen that many sweaters and hoods are restored with many types of winter coats and jackets in each closet. This is very true for the men’s wardrobe, and there are many types of outerwear that can be observed with the transformation of the season. We usually carry this, while going to the office, for a special evening dinner or party, or to a cocktail party with friends or colleagues. And coats are loved in many different aspects such as, elegant, informal, sporty, and fashionable.

So, it is clear that men’s coats are the important garment of winter clothes, and selecting the correct one is easier than you think, just remember some features or aspects of it like appearance, fabric, color, and style.

What are 15 Different types of Coats?

There are many types of coats available for men, to select for their wardrobe, some of them are explained below:

1. Peacoat

It is usually seen that it doesn’t get any more tired and superb than this. Sometimes it is remembered as the “grandfather” of coats, this basic woolen stuff was initially worn by naval officers who were particularly sailing from Europe across the Atlantic.

Peacoat; Different Types of Coats for Men and Women
FIg: Peacoat

It is particularly designed to provide warmth, and moisture-resistance, as well as to have a smart, clean-cut look, these coats make a good wardrobe piece that can be worn year-round in many of the different climates and seasons.

2. Blazer

The blazer simply tends to replicate a jacket of the suit, but it used to be worn very casually and in many casual scenarios. It generally varies from a sports jacket in more formal attires and can be manufactured of dense woven fabrics, and usually not of large varieties of different colors. Blazers tend to create fashion statements on the person who is wearing it.

Fig: Blazer

This type of coat generally gives out an impact which can be either positive or negative. When it comes to the design and style of a blazer, it may reflect the features of the person who is wearing it. It is seen that blazers have a special feature so that they can be worn with any type of clothing.

3. Chesterfield Coat

Chesterfield Coat: Different Types of Coats for Men and Women
Fig: Chesterfield Coat

It is the same as an overcoat, but with a little bit more personality, these coats are usually prepared a little bit closer to the hip, which makes your shoulders look broad and enhances the look of your posture. These coats are usually available in a huge variety of materials, and the small glare at the bottom offers a mild retro look without seeming dated. This is a great way to bring your persona and style to the next level without going too crazy.

4. Tuxedo

This type of coat is a popular costume, that is worn on formal occasions or events like formal dinners, ballroom or dance parties, special social outings, wedding programs, engagements, dinner dates, etc. They are available in several designs, colors, patterns as well as styles. When it is time for any occasion, rest assured there can be no more stylish or sophisticated formal coat for a man than a tuxedo.

Tuxedo: Different Types of Coats for Men and Women
Fig: Tuxedo

It is seen that tuxedos can be customized in many ways to suit different body types. As per the reports, tuxedo suits are majorly in demand because they make the wearer look amazingly fantastic and masculine and definitely make women turn their heads toward men.

5. Sport Coat

Sport Coat
Fig: Sport Coat

It is usually the same in appearance as a suit jacket, sport coats are a good way to appear more professional and wear it without having to think too much. It is seen that a good sports coat is a very fantastic way to impress your lady love, even if just worn on over a t-shirt, enhancing instant polish.

6. Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat
Fig: Puffer Coat

This type of outerwear is generally considered one of the most popular alternatives for winter clothing, simply because it offers you comfort in spite of extreme weather and winter conditions. Puffer coat gets its name from the fact that it is a kind of jacket which is particularly lined with insulating material, which helps to  keep you truly warm inside.

7. Windcheater Coat

Windcheater Coat
Fig: Windcheater Coat

This type of coat is generally a thin layer of fabric, which is simply designed to sustain wind and light rain in autumn or winter season. It generally uses an elastic waist and zippers, which gives it room for adjustment. This is considered as a complete breakdown of all kinds of jackets that you can purchase it for men. It is true that, over time, new and different modifications of jackets have come into the market. But purchase the one that suits you and enter the world of men’s jackets.

8. Trench Coat

Windcheater Coat
Fig: Windcheater Coat

As everyone usually knows the famous trench coat Humphrey Bogart which was wore in Casablanca all those years ago. Or, perhaps, the ones who are from a younger generation, one can also think of Sherlock from the BBC drama of the same name. However, when it comes to the trench coat, it has a romantic history and is an instantly identifiable silhouette. It is particularly double-breasted, usually if knee to ankle-length, with a spread collar and usually belted at the waist area, the special feature of trench coat is that it can make anyone look sharp and put-together, even if they aren’t Benedict Cumberbatch,

9. Duster

Fig: Duster

It is seen that everyone loves a cowboy. It was initially worn by ranchers to usually keep the dust off their clothes when riding on the trail, currently, these coats have an eye-catching appearance, with a unique look that nonetheless could be easily paired with a variety of attires. This coat is considered a perfect conversation starter, as well as a true classic, not a bad option at all for someone interested in a super coat and a bit of history.

10. Chore Coat

This type of coat was particularly designed to protect manual workers from the elements, by using materials as well as construction methods that can hold on severe punishment. Today, one can easily have a better opportunity to see one being sported by an East London barista than a worn-out railwayman, but its importance as a winter coat remains the same.

Chore Coat
Fig: Chore Coat

This kind of durable style usually works best as part of an everyday workwear-inspired group. One can simply try a chore coat as a substitute for a blazer, with wool pants, black leather Chelsea boots, as well as a textured modern business casual shirt to adopt a contemporary take on business casual.

11. Overcoat

Fig: Overcoat

When it comes to these types of coats, it doesn’t get cleaner and simpler than this. From a long time back, the overcoat has been in existence, and for good reason. These coats have the special feature to go with absolutely anything, either single or double-breasted, with knee length, and also with padded shoulders. To make it simple, they look amazing on almost any body type and can be worn up or down depending on how casual one wants to look. It is seen that having one of these in your wardrobe means you’ll be reaching for it, a lot.

12. Fur Coat

Fur Coat
Fig: Fur Coat

As, most of the time we connect fur coats with women’s fashion (perhaps, opera attendees in the 40s and 50s), they have been a perfect piece in men’s wardrobes on and off again from many of the past years, and are a great option for someone, to create a bold fashion statement. When it comes to a synthetic or authentic fur coat, it is usually a fun, unique attention-grabber that is great for a night on the town or your outing to the ski resort.

13. Car Coat

At starting, these coats were generally designed to keep drivers warm from the wind at the time of driving old-fashioned open cars. These types of coats have a feature of A-line cut and wide cuffs, to give a full range of motion. This coat is generally made of heavy wool material and has a flat kind of front panel over its closure to shield it from wind and rain. Basically, a car coat has a thigh length with a straight collar and with almost two welt pockets. The type of closure can change between a zipper to buttons, however buttons are considered the most common.

14. Coatee

This type of red coatee with a black collar, having a shoulder strap and cuff may have been adopted by an Irish volunteer, particularly in the 18th century. The coatee generally has a piping feature at the bottom and plain silver buttons. Here, the straightening collar simply has a silver braided edge and a double loop to the gorget button. The shoulder strap is usually covered with silver jewelry, which is basically fixed in the center. The strap also has a wing with particularly silver trim and a contour.

15. Mackintosh Coat

These types of coats were invented by Charles Macintosh (without the K!), A Scottish chemist, in the early period of the 19th century and 1823. Macintosh has started a new way to create waterproof attires using rubber liquefied in coal tar naphtha to merge the two pieces of clothing together. Nowadays, it has become a popular, household name, when it comes to the manufacture of rainwear. This type of luxury model is particularly focused on the quality and design of all weather and rain atmospheres.


So there you have it, men’s, an ultimate guide to raising up your outerwear aspects. Starting from the charming sophistication of the Chesterfield to the young vibes of the Tuxedo, there’s a variety of coats available for every man, as per their every mood, and every weather environment. Whether you’re enduring the winter vibes or simply looking to enhance your style, remember: the selection of an appropriate coat isn’t just an investment in fabric, it’s a kind of investment in you. So select your coat wisely, step out in confidence, and try to create every moment a fashion statement worth remembering.

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Different Types of Coats for Men and Women

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