14 Different Types of Jackets for Men

14 Different Types of Jackets for Men

A jacket is a kind of garment that is lightweight in nature or a type of cropped coat. It is found that many of the jackets usually end at your waist or hips area, while coats can be much longer. So, basically, a jacket has majorly two functions. First, is to make sure that it will keep you very warm and safe, particularly from wind, rain or cold. And the next is to highlight the rest of your outfit. Currently, a jacket works more than a protective layer of a garment. In this article, we are discussing comprehensive details on 14 Different Types of Jackets for Men.

It is usually observed that when you wear a jacket, you will try to set the tone or mood for your day. So, here the important thing is the type of jacket that one wears because it rules the rest of your outfit such as the shoes, t-shirt or shirt. So, overall the jackets are your perfect partner whether you need to dress up, simply keep it casual, or face an event.

What are 14 Different Types of Jackets for Men?

So, currently, it has been seen that there are varieties of jackets available in the market in different colors, sizes, styles, and designs, of which some of them are explained below:

1. Bomber Jackets

These types of jackets were particularly developed for pilots, but currently this streamlined silhouette has become very popular as well as one of the most versatile items of clothing specifically for men. It is created of leather and lined superbly with fur, the bomber jacket has seen several repetitions in its style, colors, and design.

Fig: Bomber Jackets

As we know, one can easily wear a bomber jacket for any event, or program, whether you are going to hang out with friends or go for some of the casual business get-togethers. Also, with the improved list of colors, one can now style their bomber jacket even more greatly.

2. Quilted Jackets

At the time of the early winter and specifically towards the end of winter, basically, at the time of spring, the weather is moderately cold. In such situations, a quilted jacket is the piece of clothing that will be served as more comfortable and stylish.

Quilted Jackets
Fig: Quilted Jackets

If you wear casual jeans, particularly with a solid t-shirt, and add on your quilted jacket, it will tend to create a very funky look, yet comfortable. If it gets colder, try to wear a switch t-shirt for a sweatshirt and opt for a quilted jacket on top.

3. Field Jackets

It is generally found as one of the few sartorial pieces that correctly serve form with function and meaning. It is seen that it never goes out of style, as well as one will always have a spare pocket specifically for your keys. The specialty of the field jacket is that it basically has 3 or 4 exterior pockets and a generous fit. If we consider the original M-65 field jacket, it was typically manufactured in tandem with NYCO, a cotton/nylon blend that provides enhanced water and wind resistance over previous repetitions.

Field Jackets
Fig: Field Jackets

Nowadays, many types of outerwear companies have gotten a creative approach with their fabrics, providing field jackets in different aspects like cotton canvas, waxed canvas, and cotton blends. As we can observe, the field jacket has become mainstream, it’s divided into two important sub-categories: the modern field jacket and the second one is the military field jacket.

4. Leather Jackets

This is the type of jacket that will make you look intentionally smart without being overbold. It is found that leather jackets come in a variety of aspects like bombers, blazers, casual, double rider, etc. However, when it comes to a classic leather Fabric jacket, it particularly has big collars with an asymmetrical zipper.

Fig: Leather Jackets

One can try to pair their classic brown leather jacket with a kind of pair of blue denim with specifically brown boots or trainers. Ensure that, try to avoid wearing brown color top wear, when you are opting for a brown leather jacket.

5. Harrington Jackets

It is seen that, in the 1930s, Baracuta introduced the G9, supposedly the first Harrington jacket. It was initially developed as a lightweight, waterproof, zipped jacket, particularly for the damp golf courses of England, but over time it has evolved into the go-to stuff for men looking to portray a sense of machismo.

Harrington Jackets
Fig: Harrington Jackets

After many years, every style icon—from Elvis Presley to Steve McQueen to Daniel Craig—has tried a few. And every brand that serves the same kind of fellow provides them regularly.

6. Biker Jackets

The one who loves the bad guy vibe or wants the casual attitude to focus attention to your appearance, simply try to style a biker jacket, particularly in brown color, with a shirt or a solid white t-shirt. One can complete the attire by wearing classic blue denim jeans and boots.

Biker Jackets
Fig: Biker Jackets

At the time of the 20th century, biker jackets were regarded as the attires of the rebels. However, over the period of time, now biker jackets have become wardrobe items for men and women, alike.

7. Varsity Jackets

After the evolution of leather jackets over a particular period of time, many different jacket styles were born. Out of all the others, the one specific men’s jacket style that made a great memorable influence is the varsity jacket.

Varsity Jackets
Fig: Varsity Jackets

This type of jacket basically has two-tone designs, where one half of the jacket is made of leather and the other half is simply manufactured of a different material, starting from cotton to swede. These jackets are usually found to be bigger in size. One can easily pair a varsity jacket either with blue or black jeans and a plain hoodie of any color.

8. Trucker Jackets

These types of jackets have an intriguing history, starting from shielding cowboys from storms to caring for Robert Redford appearing like a stud. When it comes to these types of jackets, they are of a specific design of the jacket, which are made of various materials, which highlights a waist-length cut, particularly a tall collar, and basically one or two chest pockets.

Trucker Jackets
Fig: Trucker Jackets

It is found that the most common trucker jacket is Levi’s denim, but for a little extra comfort and weather resistance benefits, one can adopt a trucker manufactured from waxed sailcloth like this one from Flint and Tinder.

9. Denim Jackets

It is a fact that now denim jackets have been ruling the hearts from the past. Whether it be a spring day with an easy light breeze, or either a summer outing or a dinner during the starting winters, a denim jacket is a great option for all times.

Denim Jackets
Fig: Denim Jackets

The special feature of its rugged casualness offers an unintentionally stylish vibe. One could try a denim jacket either with the same color denim jeans or try to wear a denim jacket with a solid t-shirt. One can also try wearing the denim jacket with slim-fit jeans and a white shirt.

10. Rain Jackets

It is seen that a rain jacket is a must-have option in the closet. One would have a huge kind of jacket, but none of them can be carried out when it is raining outside. Hence, here comes the need for a rain jacket in the picture.

Rain Jackets
Fig:Rain Jackets

A rain jacket is found to be very classy and provides sufficient protection. Rain jackets are usually made of polyester or polyurethane. Nowadays, raincoats are available in attractive colors, and designs and look fashionable even when providing protection from the rain. Here, one can easily try to wear the clothes underneath a rain jacket, particularly with high boots, and will simply make a casual outfit for the day.

11. Shirt Jackets

It is found that, when a button-up shirt isn’t enough, the shirt jacket comes into the picture for that added layer of warmth. It is particularly being called by many other names depending on what region you’re from involving shirt jacket, shirt jac, CPO jacket, or shacket.

Shirt Jackets
Fig: Shirt Jackets

The biggest benefit of the shirt jacket is how good it allows you to move (since simply, it’s just like adding another shirt). With these types of jackets, one can easily get the warmth of a light jacket without putting much bulk, kind of like an option to a shawl collar cardigan or hoodie.

12. Shearling Jackets

These types of jackets hit that sweet spot particularly when it’s much cooler for a trucker but very warm for a pea coat. The one who will go for genuine shearling, which comes from sheep, you’ll give a few hundred at least.

Shearling Jackets
Fig: Shearling Jackets

Luckily when it comes to faux-fur shearling (which is about hi-pile, textured fleece and is known as “Sherpa”) holds warmth nearly as well as the real aspects. It’s also simpler to maintain, because of its easy washing capability, and it simply mat down as simple as genuine shearling. So, a Sherpa trucker like this one is found to be very soft as well as simple to put on like a heavy sweatshirt.

13. Suede Jackets

When it comes to these jackets, the best part about it is that every man can make it work. The specialty of the suede racer is that it can complement any body shape and appears as good at the bar as it does at the office.

Suede Jackets
Fig: Suede Jackets

Suede tends to provide the durability of leather, but it breathes pretty much better and has a soft feel. If you are tense about water damage, then try to provide your jacket a light fog over with this fabric guard.

14. Coach Jackets

When it comes to the history of the coach’s jacket, it is being suggested in its name. In the early 90s, this kind of lightweight windbreaker-style jacket (finish with snap button garment closure) was particularly worn by NFL coaches all around the country. It moves freely; it has the property to resist moisture in case it starts to drip and snap buttons simply work as it can go on and off easily so the coach can feel comfortable without missing a play.

Shearling Jackets
Fig: Shearling Jackets


So, overall to conclude, the developments and modifications of modern jackets starting from simple layers to a high variety of alternatives on the market today showcase the impressive amalgamation of materials, design innovation, and historical influence. The huge variety of jackets available, along with very innovative flexibility offered by some of the accessories, highlights the innumerable ways that this wardrobe item can be personalized to meet personal taste and necessity.


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  • Author: Shubham Anil Jain
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14 Different Types of Jackets for Men

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