What is the RN Number on the Clothing Label?

When browsing through the tags on your clothing items, you might have noticed a series of letters and numbers printed alongside other information like fabric composition and washing instructions. Among these codes, “RN” is a common abbreviation that appears on many clothing labels. But what exactly does RN signify? In this article, I present details on What is the RN Number on the Clothing Label.

What is the RN Number on the Clothing Label?

“RN” on a garment clothing label stands for “Registered Identification Number.” It’s a number issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States to identify the company that made or imported the garment. The RN can be used in place of a company name on the label. It helps consumers and authorities track down information about the manufacturer or distributor of the clothing.

What is the RN Number on the clothing Label

Purpose of the RN Number

The primary purpose of the RN number is to provide a traceable identifier for consumers and regulatory authorities. It helps consumers to identify the manufacturer or distributor of the clothing they purchase. Additionally, it assists government agencies in monitoring compliance with labeling laws and regulations, ensuring that products meet certain quality standards.

How to Use the RN Number

When you spot an RN number on a clothing label, you can look it up on the FTC’s RN database to find information about the company associated with that specific number. This database allows consumers and others to verify the legitimacy of a brand or company and provides basic contact information.

Importance of Understanding RN Numbers

Understanding the RN number can be valuable for consumers who prioritize knowing more about the companies behind the clothing they buy. It offers a means to contact the manufacturer or distributor directly, potentially for inquiries regarding the product, warranties, or other customer service matters.

In conclusion, RN numbers play a crucial role in identifying the entity responsible for the manufacturing or importation of clothing. Understanding the significance of RN numbers empowers consumers to make informed choices and promotes transparency within the clothing industry.

What is the RN Number on the Clothing Label?

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