Finishing Department in Apparel Industry

The finishing department receives body pieces from the end line quality table of sewing or from the washing, iron the body, attach the hangtag, and fold the body. If this body temporary cartooning and send the metal detection center and detect metal with hand needle machine if found it then solve and not found then metal dispose to the red box. After metal detection checks the barcode and folds the body. Cartooning the body according to the buyer’s requirements and then a final inspection and send to the MCD department. Finishing is the department where complete garments are assembled with necessary stickers and attachments, and all trims and accessories add here. The finishing department has the responsibility to close the Purchase order(PO) of the buyer by packing all orders as per the planning schedule, actually, they do the rest other tasks after the sewing or washing process.

Flow chart of finishing department as below:

Finished goods receive from Line table quality/ washing→ Shade inspection→ Budling → Thread trimming→ Uncut Thread QC checking→Button Attachment→ Ironing→ Measurement→ Full garments QC inspection→ Rework/ Repair →Gate up inspection → Gmts pass through metal detector → Hang tag and other sticker attachment→ Folding→ Packing→Quality Audit →Final inspection

Finishing Department of Apparel Industry

Finishing Quality Control

In the finishing section, the quality inspector checks the critical point and 100% measurement according to the buyer’s approval sample and also lot audit as per 1.5 AQL. If the quality is not OK, then take corrective action. Quality control is the biggest task in the section, as garments will go through the final inspection process to proceed with the shipment. After the lot audit, the body sends the metal detection center to detect metal with a hand needle machine. If found, it is then solved, and if not found, the metal is disposed of in a red box. Also, check the price tag and other details, and a final inspection before preparing for shipment. The finishing quality flow chart is given below;

Receive goods from Washing/ sewing output→ Shade segregation→ Checking uncut thread→ Measurement→ Full garments inspection→ Gate up inspection→ Sticker checking→ Lot inspection/ AQL Audit→ Final inspection

Functions of Garments Finishing Department

  • Able to follow up on daily shipment plan and achieve set packing targets, quick balancing finishing lines as and when required, and analyze individual worker performance.
  • Fulfill the daily product target and pack all those quantities according to the planning department.
  • Thread Trimming: Trimming is the first thing to do before starting any process.
  • Quality inspection: Quality team ensure full garments meet customer specifications.
  • Ironing: The process is to do as required so that garments do not have any crease marks.
  • Button attachment: If any process to attach the button in the finishing, that needs to be done.
  • Repair/ Rework: As this is the final stage of the garment product, all defects are to be repaired and reworked.
  • Stickers and tag attachment: A finished garments have so many stickers and tags, that the finishing department does all those tasks.
  • Folding and Packing: Folding and packing is the last stage of the finishing process flow. Through this process full cartons make.
  • Demonstration of buyer standard setting as per spec sheet on the Iron Table /Folding etc also must be following up day-to-day target work.
  • Monitor and complete the finishing related all necessary process in order to meet on-time shipment & should have to perform other Finishing related duties and responsibilities.
  • Coordinate with the team, GPQ, merchandiser & buyer representative for on-time inspections.
  • Verify line layout of every individual style, PO, and adjustment through balancing skilled manpower Ensure to start the Finishing production as per monthly production plan in time.
  • Ensure the manpower setup as per layout & the daily style-wise target achievement.
  • To meet the shipment dates.
  • Maintain Daily output finishing & packing record and circulate to superior level and management.
  • Analyze the product, prepare for line feeding, and follow up efficiency and productivity to get the right quality the first time.
Finishing Department in Apparel Industry

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