Material Control Department in Apparel Industry

The Material control department works on the distribution of trims and accessories in different lines according to the order quantity and calculates how many materials are received and how many finished goods are delivered per day. We will not see every garments industry have this department, companies producing high volume orders with multiple buyers, a material control department is needed there. This department first receives a p/o sheet from the merchandiser and then collects trims, accessories, and fabric and keeps them in the quarantine area. Check the input quality. If it’s OK, then keep the store; otherwise, return it. After distributing materials, they are updated in the database. And if any material remains in the line, then they receive it and keep it in the warehouse. Not all the apparel industry has a material control department, but it is better to have it. The material control department has full control of all fabric, trims, and accessories, one words full control of the overall warehouse process. This department will bring transparency to material usage, save wastage and money, merchandising support them with all necessary documents and data.

The flow chart of the material control department is given below:

PO receive from merchandiser→ Receive input according to PO sheet→ Keep input material in quarantine area→ Check input material quality→ Store/ Warehouse input→ Database update→ Distribute material to the different department according to requisition→ Database update→ Receive finished goods → Keep goods in warehouse→ Shipment.

Material Control Department in Apparel Industry

Responsibilities of Material control department

  • Make the incoming material receiving list daily basis and share it with the merchandiser.
  • Checking daily production plan and issuing materials accordingly to the floor.
  • Manage, control, and record receiving stock in the database; and follow up on regular inventory weekly or daily basis.
  • Follow up with QC for the material inspection report, if anything fails then keeps it in an isolated area.
  • Ensure accurate and on-time entry in Database Software of all incoming materials and outgoing finished goods movement of the warehouse.
  • Maintain FIFO for issuing materials to the shop floor.
  • Overall material control and management of the whole factory.
  • Ensure completion of stock reconciliation by checking the records of Database software vs. manual & physical. Reduction gap between physical stock and software database stock.
  • Maintains very good physical condition of the warehouse in a neat & clean manner; inspects equipment; issues work orders for repair and requisitions for replacement.
  • Develop, manage and implement recording of the necessary data in the ledger on time.
  • To perform any other tasks as required of the department, any other task when assigned by the management.
Material Control Department in Apparel Industry

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