Industrial Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

Industrial Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

Industrial blind stitch sewing machines are widely used in the apparel industry. In this machine, there is an arrangement for several miss stitch formations which may create blind effects. A blind stitch is a seam that is hidden from view on the right side of the fabric, and it is created with an industrial blind stitch sewing machine, a specialist machine. These machines are usually employed in the sewing of pockets, attaching collars and cuffs, and creating hems on clothing.

Blind stitch machines work by inserting a bent needle into the cloth from the hem’s fold, catching a small number of threads on the other side. This produces an imperceptible, robust seam from the exterior. Industrial blind stitch machines are much faster and more efficient than sewing blind stitches by hand. They can also produce a more consistent stitch quality.

Industrial Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

Machine Specification:

  1. Model No:- CMB-3938
  2. Stitch Group:-Chain stitch (inter looping):-
  3. Manufacturing Company /Brand:- Brother
  4. Country of origin :- Japan
  5. Stitch Per Minute (S.M.P) :- 2500
  6. Thread per inch ( T.P.I/S.P.I):- 5”
  7. Machine Bed :- High Flat-bed
  8. Thread cutting :-For Thread cutting there is a cutter behind the pressure foot.
  9. Needle Name :- LW x 6 T
  10. Needle Size :- 9,11,14,16,18,20,21
  11. Seam class:- Super imposed
  12. Stitch class :- 100
  13. No of Needle :- 1 needle
  14. No of Needle :- 1
  15. No of Looper :- 1
  16. No of Thread :- 1

Thread Source:-

Both Needle and Looper Thread comes from cone package.

End Use:-

All Types of sewing of light and heavy fabrics Garments Hemming.

Stitch Formation Technique:

In the Blind Stitch Machine, the needle is Curved Needle so that it can penetrate partly to the fabric come out on the same side as the fabric, and make a hand stitch-like stitch which is not a continued line of stitch-like as lockstitch or chine stitch. In this machine, there is an arrangement for several miss stitch formations which may create blind effects. Here as both Needle and Looper thread comes from came package so there is no problem with thread shortage. Among the characteristics of industrial blind stitch sewing machines are the following:

  • * High stitch rate: Up to 3,000 stitches per minute can be sewn by industrial blind stitch machines.
  • * Double tension mechanism: Even at high speeds, this guarantees uniform stitch tension.
  • * Simple adjustment: The majority of industrial blind stitch machines feature controls that are simple to operate to change the tension, stitch length, and other parameters.
  • * Skip stitch function: By skipping stitches at regular intervals, you can get a more subdued blind hem.

If you work as a professional machine operator or tailor and perform a lot of hemming, investing in an industrial blind stitch machine is quite beneficial. For home sewers who only seldom need to stitch blind hems, they are usually not required.

Industrial Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

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