Packaging Defects Found in Garments Industry

Packaging is an important section of the garments industry. Finishing Stickers, hangtags, folding, packing and carton closings are part of the packaging task in the garments industry. Having an error in these tasks leads to a big customer complaint. Every single mistake is a defect here. Packaging detects are packing errors, it has no acceptable tolerance in final inspection. Packaging compliance increases the trust of customers. This article is about the list of different types of Packaging defects Found in the Garments Industry.

Quality inspections are very strict for packing/Packaging defects, one defect is enough to reject the whole lot in some cases. The liability of packaging defects is very high on the customer end. Having packaging accuracy makes customers happy.

Packaging Defects Found in Garments Industry.

List of Packaging Defects Found in the Garments Industry

  • Wrong sticker– A finished garment has two or three stickers. The sticker used in the garments is incorrect.
  • Incorrect placement– The specification sheet has details on where to use which sticker and any deviation finds is a packaging defect.
  • Incorrect Folding– Folding is defined by the buyer in their specification whether it should be tri-fold or quad-fold.
  • Incorrect quantity in Carton – A carton has a specific quantity that how many have to be in each carton.
  • Crease mark for folding– All ironed garments should not have wrinkles or creases.
  • Packing orientation mistake– The packing orientation to keep a carton also mentions in the garment specification.
  • Case label Missing– Every case has one label with the PO number, style, size, quantity, gross weight, net weight, and some other information. If there is no case label, the carton cannot be identified.
  • Wrong case label– Right label is to be attached and all information should be correct there.
  • Carton damaged– Carton damage for mishandling and transportation.
  • Missing tag– All tags and stickers should be in a carton.
  • Carton protuberated
  • Mixed color
  • Carton quality is poor
  • Mixed PO#– Two PO goods in one carton or one lot is a big packaging mistake.
  • Carton size incorrect
  • Mixed size
  • Case label correction
  • Overweight
  • Case label incorrect
  • Incorrect tag
  • Incorrect barcode
  • Incorrect gmt packed
  • Incorrect color
  • Incorrect polybag print
  • Incorrect count missed silica gel
  • Incorrect folding
  • Incorrect inner box
  • Incorrect shipping mark
  • Mismatched odd pair-footw
  • Incorrect size
  • Miss shoe tree support-fw
  • Incorrect po
  • Inferior polybag
  • Missing detachable access
  • Empty inner box
  • Missing garment test report
  • Missed hanger
  • Missing plastic strap
  • torn/damaged/wrinkled lab
  • Missing sticker
  • poor adhesion of the label
  • Missed shoes
  • Dirt marks-


Packaging Defects Found in Garments Industry

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