Literally, Quality is customer satisfaction. If customer is satisfied with your garments quality, definitely your product have quality.

So Quality control is very important in Apparel industry.  Here you will see all quality related articles in this category.

QC file in Garments industry

What is the QC file in the garments industry? QC file is the combination of QC needed items like trim card, spec sheet/ tech pack, and PO sheet. QC file is something that is needed for the quality and production department, especially for the quality department to verify all quality parameters ensured in all stages[…]

Different Departments of Apparel Industry and their Functions

There is a long manufacturing flow in the export garments manufacturing industry, so various types of departments in the Apparel manufacturing industry have very specific functions in every department. Different Departments of Apparel Industry 1.      Human Resource (HR) & Compliance Department 2.      Marketing & Merchandising Department 3.      Store/Warehouse Department 4.      CAD and Pattern Department 5.      Design Department 6.      Sample Department 7.      Quality[…]

Specification Sheet in Garments Industry

Garments Specification Sheet A garments specification sheet is also known as a spec (Spec is a short form of Specification) sheet, some customer calls it Product data management (PDM). A garments spec sheet is also known as a Tech pack; a tech pack stands for Technical package or Technical packet.  So PDM, spec sheet, tech[…]

Final Inspection in Garments Industry

A final inspection is a process of measuring, examining, testing, or otherwise comparing the unit of product with the requirement. All final inspection Inspectors had been provided complete guidelines, standards, and specifications including packaging and assortment instructions by the buyer. Audit results are reviewed by supervisors, in order to determine the causes of defects, as[…]

Quality Control SOP Needed for Garments Industry

What is SOP? SOP is a standard operating procedure to set standards for an operation, process, inspection, testing, or any type of task. A standard operating procedure explains a working procedure or instruction step by step elaborately about how to do a process. SOP helps us to follow a specific procedure to do anything; whenever[…]

Different Types of Quality Control Inspection in the Garments Industry

Quality inspection In any garment industry, different stages have different types of inspections for specific purposes for ensuring the best quality readymade garments. Every inspection point has a specific responsibility; this article is all about different types of quality control inspections in garments. Here we go; Different Types of Quality Control Inspection in the Garments[…]

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