Literally, Quality is customer satisfaction. If customer is satisfied with your garments quality, definitely your product have quality.

So Quality control is very important in Apparel industry.  Here you will see all quality related articles in this category.

Product Safety Requirements in Garments Industry

Garment Product safety is the ability of a product to be safe for intended use with comfort, as determined when evaluated against a set of established rules. Responsibility of the manufacturer and distributor to prevent hazardous products to reach the market. Product safety is to comply with product safety regulations, make sure products contain no[…]

Job Responsibilities of QMS Executive/ Manager in Apparel industry

QMS Executive/ Manager QMS meaning is Quality Management system. A QMS department is responsible for the overall QMS requirements of the customer. A QMS responsible person is responsible for implementing the required system and procedure of QMS. In QMS department job, QMS officer, QMS Executive and QMS manager position is available, but the job responsibilities[…]

QMS Audit Guideline of Garments Industry

QMS Audit An audit is performed on the QMS requirement of the respective customer. QMS audit is a technical audit that proves a company’s capability in quality control, and quality assurance, and complies with the SOP. Here is a QMS audit guideline on which things factors to audit. An auditor performs the audit for the[…]

Sewing Defect with Root Causes and Corrective Actions

Sewing Defect We call sewing defects that produce in the sewing section. A defect is a barrier to quality, so we all want to reduce defects. To reduce defects, we need to know the root causes and corrective actions need to be taken. Here we have collected the most common defects always created in sewing.[…]

Shade control Procedure of Woven Garments

Shade Control in Garments Shade control is an important thing, shade is a big factor for garments and clothing. There is some system and procedure that will make sure proper shade control in garments product. Shade Control Procedure of Woven garments 1. Try 100% roll of order quantity in-house at a time by the merchant[…]

Technical Audit Checklist of Garments Industry

Technical Audit Technical Audit is a process of auditing the production process, quality control, calibration, testing, procedures, and SOP implementation; overalled full manufacturing system’s technical examination and verifying process. And Technical audit is done by the customer or 3rd party based on a quality management system (QMS) like ISO or own QMS guideline line of[…]

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