Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM of Garments Industry

Manpower Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM of Garments Industry

Manpower planning is a very important issue for an organization to achieve its goal. Selection of the right people in the right place at the right time is the prime mover of the RMG sector. Factory firmly believes in creating a conducive working environment to achieve its objectives. Therefore they strictly follow a standard procedure for recruitment to attract proper candidates and select them. The goal of this content is to uphold ethical business practices. The purpose of the SOP is to impose a standardized procedure to recruit the appropriate employee for the organization. Here I present Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM of the Garments Industry below.

Manpower Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM of Garments Industry

What are the Policies of the Manpower Recruitment and Selection Process

  1. All recruitment should follow fair and open competition.  The company makes sure that meritorious candidates are hired in all positions through a transparent recruitment process to select the right person in the right place at the right time.
  2. The company also ensures that all its employees involved in the recruitment and selection process are well-trained and should possess outstanding moral and ethical values.
  3. The recruitment must be carried out in a manner that all candidates are treated equally and fairly so that the recruitment experience is a positive one in the company.
  4. Recruitment should follow a standard procedure for advertisement (as appropriate) in the newspaper, banners, posters, and as well as in the factory notice boards in the main Gates for common access.
  5. A Recruitment Committee comprising at least five (05) members of various departments will work for a period of two (02) years and will be revised upon completion of its tenure. Members will be replaceable on grounds of nepotism or any other disabilities.
  6. Any employee in the recruitment team who has a close relationship with any of the candidates applying for any position in the company must make sure that it is declared by the employee at the beginning of the recruitment process and they will not be involved in any decision-making process.
  7. All the information provided by the candidate must be treated with confidentiality and must not be shared with any third agency.
  8. The Recruitment Process will be conducted as per the local Labor Law.

Recruitment Committee Responsibilities

  1. After the initial Screening, the Recruitment Committee will call the candidate for an interview.
  2.  All new employee information, previous employment information, police verification (if applicable), reference, drug check, age, documents, and certificate verification will be done by the committee.
  3.  In most cases, the workers will take oral and practical tests. However, only quality inspectors will take the written test.
  4. After conducting all applicable tests, the members of the committee will finally decide the Grade, Wages, and other benefits.

Recruitment and Selection Process Procedure

Raising Manpower Requisitions

  1. All Dept has their Approved Organogram. If a section is vacant and new workers are required, the department heads will fill out the “Manpower Requisition Form No… and send it to the HR Admin Manager. A Copy of it should be retained in the Dept Manpower Requisition File.
  2. HR Admin Manager will check the organogram of that section to see if there are vacancies for the recruitment of labor, and employees according to the Manpower Requisition. If the position is vacant, he will endorse it in a File name Manpower Requisition File No and place it for the approval of the Director HR & Admin.

  1. After getting approval, the HR officer will arrange to publish the recruitment notice through the local newspaper, factory notice board, banner at the factory gate, posturing, distributing leaflets, and miking. These procedures are to be recorded (day-wise and medium-wise) in a Register Named Recruitment Advertisement Register No..where the expenditure, person, and vehicle involved should be recorded.
  2. For the operators, the Departmental Notice Board will be used for advertisement and the Referral method to be used.

Interview & Selection-Worker

  1. Usually on the first day of each month, new workers appear at the main gate, and at that time HR Ex, concerned Dept In charge, IE representative, Medical Assistant, and Security Persons remain present at the gate to conduct primary selection / interview  the potential candidates for recruitment. HR executive prepares a list of candidates during that time in the Primary Interview Register (Dept wise) and takes the signature of all appeared persons with their Address, Phone no Previous experience, etc.
  2. When entering the factory, the workers will write all their names in the register book and then enter.
  3. After completing security formalities these candidates are sent to the recreation room for the interview of the Recruitment Committee to screen the applicants, reference papers, experience, etc. The committee takes written tests if require and then send them to the concerned Dept for the skill test for skilled workers. No skill test is required for the helpers.
  4. Concern Dept In-charge accompanies the candidates to the concerned machine to conduct a technical test. IE representative basically conducts this test and identifies the candidate’s actual skill level which is recorded in a Skill Record Register.
  5. The applicants are then notified by the IE about their actual Skill level. The Section Head will finally determine the designation grade and salary of the shortlisted candidates. If the candidate agrees with this grade he/ she is sent for a final medical test. The final physical qualification and age (not less than 18) will be selected by the factory doctor. The doctor will conduct a medical test on the finally selected employee and give a Medical Test Report and keep its record in the Medical Test Register.
  6. Finally, the Recruitment Committee will select the eligible candidate by verifying the photograph and supporting documents provided by the candidate. If the candidate agrees to work with salary, designation, and other facilities according to the company rules, he/ she is finally appointed to the company. The recruitment committee will keep records of all selected candidates in the Final Selection Register No…. which is kept in the HR dept. All the members of the committee shall sign in the list.

Issuance of Appointment Letter

  1. Based on the Final Selected List of the Recruitment Committee HR Dept will issue the appointment letter and ID card to the appointed candidate and keep a record in the Appointment Letter Register No….. and Issuance of ID Card Register.
  2. The HR officer will prepare and maintain the personal file of the appointed candidate with the necessary documents. For example Application Form, Curriculum Vitae, Attested Photograph, Educational Qualification Certificate, Photocopy of National ID Card or Birth Registration, Citizenship Certificate issued by Union Parishad, Age Determination and Physical Fitness Certificate (by Doctor), Technical Skill Test Report, Employment Letter, Service Book, Disciplinary Record, Performance Appraisal Report, Leave Information and other ancillary documents which are the rules of personal file keeping as per COC of different countries.
  3. The Welfare Officer will give the necessary orientation and training to the appointed workers, such as company introduction, responsibilities, duties, rules and regulations, disciplinary measures, various benefits and services provided by the company, complaints, participation and work, and introduction of the safety committee, health, and safety, etc.
  4. For all Workers, Easy Understanding following Charts is displayed on the Notice Board:

Interview & SelectionOfficer

  1. The manpower requisition procedure is the same as the worker’s.
  2. For wide circulation, the Advertisement process is a bit different and lengthy.
  3. Applications were asked through Bd Jobs or national dailies and a minimum of 15 to 30 days’ time is given for Application submission.
  4. All applications are scrutinized by the Recruitment Committee and a short List (Candidates Short List Register No…) has been prepared based on the qualifications and expectations also. Thereafter candidates are called for Interview (Written, Oral) on a specific date set by the HR manager and the concerned HOD. Usually, this Interview is done in the Head Office.
  5.  The garments Industry invites Technical Experts also to conduct an interview. The requirement committee, Concern HOD, and HR will select candidates from the primary interview list and finalize them.
  6. After verification of all the related documents, HR will send them to management for final approval of the selected candidate. After management approval, other official procedures will complete HR department.

Interview, Recruitment, and Selection: Staff

  1. HR department selects the candidate based on the approved requisition and checks the related documents with job experience (if any) and forwards them to IE/ (For Garments), HOD Textile/ (For Textile) department for skill test.
  2. A medical team will check related medical tests for the selected candidates.
  3. After completion of the skill test and medical report, HR will forward it to management for final approval.


Manpower recruitment in the garments industry involves employing various strategies to identify and attract potential candidates. This includes leveraging online job portals, industry-specific networks, social media platforms, and collaborations with educational institutions to reach a wide pool of talent. Additionally, companies may engage the services of specialized recruitment agencies that understand the specific needs and requirements of the industry. Once a pool of candidates is established, the selection process begins. This typically involves multiple stages, including screening resumes, conducting interviews (both in-person and virtual), and administering relevant assessments or tests. Garments manufacturers often focus on evaluating candidates’ technical skills, understanding of industry regulations, ability to work in a team, and adaptability to fast-paced production environments.

Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM of Garments Industry

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