Responsibilities of Sampling Department in Garments Industry

Duties and Responsibilities of the Sampling Department in the Garment Industry

The sampling department is responsible for everything from cutting to sample making, Sample Inspection, and Approval Processes in the garments industry. They understand the specification sheet and have the ability to check Patterns, Cut panels, and Quality as per Buyer’s Technical sheet. And Responsible for Sample quality, construction & measurement.

There are many types of Samples required in the garments industry. So the sampling work is always there. The sampling department is a dedicated section to making samples with the utmost quality. Here I present here the Duties and Responsibilities of the Sampling Department in the Garment Industry details.

Responsibilities of Sampling Department in Garment Industry

Sampling Department Duties and Responsibilities in Garments

The sample department in the garments industry plays a crucial role in the overall production process. Its responsibilities typically include the following:

  1. Communicating with buyers, merchandisers,s and production personnel; coordinating among them
  2. Maintaining records of pattern sets, shrinkage, measurement, and other technical information.
  3. Monitor and manage a sample room of sewing workers, and garment technicians to ensure all samples are made under customers’ requirements and meet the schedule.
  4. Technical, design, pattern, or equivalent qualification in all kinds of Fabric and stitching processes.
  5. Provide technical advice and support in pattern making, fitting, and garment construction before sample delivery (perform sample inspection).
  6. Receive into inventory any returns and QC before reshipment of Sample room product. Receive and process any Sample requests.
  7. Study the sample requirements of customers, collect patterns, marker making, and cut fabrics.
  8. Ensure the best quality of Sample garments so that customers give approval.
  9. Once the patterns are ready, the sample department is responsible for cutting the fabric according to the pattern. They ensure accurate cutting and minimize the wastage of fabric.
  10. Sample Sewing: After cutting the fabric, the sample department sews the garment using appropriate sewing techniques. They pay close attention to details and ensure that the garment reflects the desired design and fit.
  11. Quality Control: The sample department conducts quality control checks on the finished samples to ensure they meet the required standards. They inspect the garment for any sewing defects, fitting issues, or other flaws. If any issues are identified, they make the necessary adjustments and modifications.
  12. Fitting and Measurements: The sample department performs fitting sessions with models or fit mannequins to assess the fit and comfort of the garment. They may make further adjustments based on feedback from these fittings.
  13. Sample Approval: Once the samples are ready, the sample department presents them to the design or merchandising department for approval. They address any concerns or modifications requested and make necessary changes before final approval.
  14. Sample Record Keeping: The sample department maintains records of all approved samples, including details such as patterns, construction methods, and modifications made. These records serve as references for future production orders or to address any potential issues.
  15. Communication and Coordination: The sample department collaborates with various departments, such as design, production, and merchandising, to ensure effective communication and coordination throughout the sample development process. They provide updates, seek clarifications, and address any concerns or queries related to the samples.

Skills, Qualification, and Job of Sample Department

The sampling department is for an allrounder who knows A to Z of garments manufacturing. Or, working in the sample department makes a person know a full garment product. Skills of a professional in the sample section are knowing cutting, sewing, repairing, measurement, quality inspection, and finishing processes. Job posts there are Sample operator, Sampleman, Sample QC, Sample Supervisor, Sample Manager, etc.

Responsibilities of Sampling Department in Garments Industry

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