What are Skills Required for Garments Professionals

The garment is a piece of clothing that we use on many and almost every occasion in our life.
Bangladesh started its apparel journey innumerable years ago, and looking at today’s growth of
our garment industry, we’ve come a long way with more knowledge and a clear vision. It is
essential to know that the textile industry is an immense part of any economic development. You should have some skills for working in the garment industry. Here I present What are Skills Required for Garments Professionals in this article.

Especially in some countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam, huge progress can have an enormous effect on economic boost and vice versa. Wherefore proper garment professionals are a must for any Apparel and Fashion industry as it’s a work of innovation and manufacture. This article will provide insights into the required skills a garment professional should have to work with the proper capability of making formal
garment decisions.

As the demand for garment professionals is creasing gradually, the industry is looking for one with
more knowledge and skills in this field. Competent with better understanding and grip get the
privilege; hence they are strictly involved with the production and maintaining and repairing clothes,
planning, and merchandising. Mainly textile technologists oversee every stage of garment
production, from marketing and management to sales and buying. Thereby, to be a suitable
candidate and do all these works without any scratch, the top skills that a garments professionals

What are the Top Skills Required for Garment Professionals

What are the Top Skills Required for Garments Professionals

1. Technical skills

Understanding all the technical specifications and data like Tech pack, PO sheet, BOM, Packing list, Supplier technical data sheet,  production planning, consumption, etc. First thing, you need to be technically sound and understand everything quickly. Decision-making on washing, shade, dyeing, fabric inspection, and fabric defects. These skills are must-needed skills for garments professionals.

2. Academic/ Educational Background

The relevant academic background will keep in the upper place at the initial stage. A bachelor’s in apparel manufacturing, fashion designing, apparel merchandising, or textile engineering is the best thing to start a career in the garments industry.

3. Language and Communication Skills

He should be intelligent and have excellent English speaking, reading, and writing skills. Also, they need to be skilled in their native language to deal with local clients and workers. And communication must be fluent in both verbal and written.

4. Departmental coordination and Networking

Should be able to establish positive relationships with the commercial, production, and suppliers departments, as well as the buyers. A strong sourcing network is important in this industry. He should be well-versed in the acquisition or collection of a clothing export order. Also, the skills of finding out the most recent information on global exporters and importers.

5. Raw Material Processing

He must possess strong technical skills and a thorough understanding of all terms related to the textile industry, including textile fiber, yarn, fabric, printing, dyeing, finishing, garment manufacturing, garment washing, garment dyeing, textile testing, textile product, and raw materials (trims and Accessories) inspection and quality control.

6. Understand Product Quality

A garments professional knows the Product quality requirements of the customer and their importance. Above all, He must know how to measure pants, T-shirt measurements, other product measurements, and quality inspection. The main thing is to catch visual defects perfectly.

7. Time and Manpower Management

Manpower management is the best skill you require for the RMG industry. Every sewing machine requires an operator to run, so many people work in the garment industry. A medium-level garments industry has 12-15 thousand employees. As time management is important, he ought to be able to schedule events and plan their time.

8. Other Skills

Finally, you also need some other skills. To keep within their budget and advertise their clothing, they require excellent business abilities. Having convincing power, motivating co-workers, and staying motivated are foremost. The world is moving to automation, so garments professionals are always staying updated to cope with all new inventions and automation.

Being a garment professional is not an easy job to do. It deals with many difficulties that appear in
the apparel industry on a regular basis. As RMG holds a huge part of the development of the country’s
economy it should be taken with a careful eye, and people working there should be aware of the fact that there is no place for an error. Garments professionals not only do one job but supervise the whole process of work at the same time. It is a big responsibility to take on one’s shoulders, so one should be highly qualified for this position.

Knowing only a few garments skills will lead the team in a tight spot. Thus, one should know every essential element related to the garment industry, from production to management and marketing. World is now a lump of fraud in business, and people pay way more than they need. So having a business idea and being smart about the budget and market is essential to survive in this building. Along with these, many skills are required to be a garment professional. This profession is not only about fashion and style or profit and loss. A garments professional works as a right hand for the Evaluation and growth of the economy and the whole textile manufacturing from fiber, Yarn to Apparel marketing.

What are Skills Required for Garments Professionals

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