Trims and Accessories

What are Differences between Trims and Accessories

If you have fabric, what more do you need to make a garment? Trims and Accessories are the items used to make cloth in the garments industry apart from fabric. You find can this list what are materials needed in the BOM sheet in the garments industry. These items help some fabric cut panels to[…]

Trims and Accessories Defects found in Apparel Industry

Trims and accessories are the incoming raw materials in the apparel industry. There are fabrics apart from these items, fabric defects we discussed in another article. These items attach to garments by sewing, HTS, and other processes. Incoming inspection to find out trims defects will help to make a good product. Trims defects are the[…]

Fashion Trims and Accessories for Clothing

Fashion Trims The garments are mainly made up of fabric. The garments are completed by trims whereas the accessories are used when packaging the garment. Apart from garments trims, a few other trims are used in clothing for decorative purposes, which we can call the Fashion trims. Fashion trims or trimmings are an extra part[…]

Trims and Accessories used in Garments Industry

Trims and Accessories Apart from fabric, many other items/materials used to make garments called trims and accessories are used in the garments industry for making complete finished garments. Trims refer to that garment that is connected with garments whereas accessories are opposite and not attached to clothing, it’s actually ‘garnishing’ in the garments industry. Trim’s[…]

Different Types of Trims used in the Garments industry

Trims/ Trimmings definition Trims can easily be defined as the raw material used in garment making other than fabric. They are directly attached to the garment and help the garment to get together. They add a styling element to the garment. Without fabrics and trims, the rest items used in garments are called accessories. Materials[…]

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