What is Strike off in the Garments Industry?

There are over a hundred types of terms and definitions used in the garments merchandising process. All are important as they are used in manufacturing, business, and commercial process. Being a student of textiles or Fashion, or an employee of these related industries, we need to know and understand all things needed in the garments industry. Here I will discuss one of them. Here we go below what is Strike off in the Garments Industry with a description.

Strike Off in the Garments Industry

What is Strike off in the Garments Industry?

Strike off is a popular term in the garments industry, and a merchandiser directly involves in this. It needs in the development stage of sourcing in the sample development. Normally, this term is used for print fabric development or the sourcing stage. Strike-off is the small print color swatch approval from the buyer during the development process or before bulk starts. As it is confirming the correct color and shade, is very important. As per strike, a merchandiser develops the base color of the fabric. Strike off like a lab dip of textile. Strike off is the piece of cloth to represent the bulk is called strike off. According to the submission depend on the buyer-to-buyer practices.

The specimen or swatch submitted to the buyer for print colors approval is known as print strike-off or simply strike-off. During sample development or prior to production printing, suppliers develop these strike-offs from a printer (printing house). For strike-off sample printing, actual production fabric and actual base color are used. Like the lab dip approval process, the supplier internally matches the colors of the print design in the lightbox prior to submitting strike-offs. The print design is printed on fabric in actual size (as per artwork size). And then send it to buying house for approval. Buying house merchandiser approves this. Strike off adds in the trim card as a reference of buyer approval.

What is Strike off in the Garments Industry?

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