Supplier Evaluation Process for Sourcing in Apparel Industry

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier evaluation is the way to judge suppliers from every aspect. It is a part of Vendor management for the supply chain process for the apparel industry and their business. An easy Supplier Evaluation Process increases the sourcing speed and makes a smooth supply chain system.

Periodical evaluation helps to know whether Vendors are on the right track. And the sourcing team track a vendor’s performance and always keeps alternative option. Here we discussed some supplier evaluation criteria checklists: price, Sample Production Status, Sample Delivery & Quality, Payment Method/ Sample Charge, Development Ability, service, and other factors.

Supplier Evaluation Process for Sourcing in Apparel Industry

Key Factors Considered for Supplier Evaluation in Sourcing Process

  1. Price
  2. Sample Production Status
  3. Sample Delivery & Quality
  4. Payment Method/ Sample Charge
  5. Development Ability
  6. Service
  7. Others


The marking system is better for this selection. Product price (highest – 1 mark, lowest – 5 mark), Comparison between price and quality.

Sample Production Status

If you have a sample production plan & capacity control. Average sample production period (0-2 days: 5 mark/ 3-5 days: 4 mark/ 6-10 days: 3 mark/ 11-14 days: 2 mark/ 15-20 days: 1 mark/ 21 days or above 0 mark).

Sample Delivery & Quality

If sample delivery is reasonable, If sample delivery is on time of sample packing & info is clear If sample quality status If the supplier has self-quality control If the sample quality problem can solve in time. We can prioritize Quality over delivery.

Payment Method/ Sample Charge

Way to payment- Way to payment (ME 60 days-5 mark; ME 30-45 days-4 mark; COD or 30 days after prepayment-3 mark; T/T before payment-2 mark). Any free sample charge (Full free-5 mark; 1% free-4 mark; partial free or 0.5% free-3 mark; full payment-1 mark).

Development Ability

Self-development ability/ if have self-development. If willing to develop Hop Lun design, free mould charge/ development fee.


Suppose the supplier can provide updated product info regularly, Effective communication from supplier contact/ technician. If work close between Sourcing department & supplier.


If you have Okeotex (Yes:5 mark/ No:1 mark), If can provide an internal test report (Yes:5 mark/ No:1 mark). Influence on the supplier.

Final Thought

The supplier evaluation process is critical for the apparel industry’s sourcing process. A robust supplier evaluation process can help identify suitable suppliers, ensure quality, and avoid production delays.

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Supplier Evaluation Process for Sourcing in Apparel Industry

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