Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in Garments Industry

Trims are smaller accessories parts of a garment. Those are integral parts of making a garment, only require fabric except them. Generally, Trims are Labels, Elastic tapes, Zippers, Velcro, Buttons, Interlining, lingerie components, and Thread. We have to keep them in the appropriate manner. I present Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in the Garments Industry.

Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in the Garments Industry

  • The warehouse must be ventilated with the appropriate temperature and moisture control
  • Ensure to have good condition humidity control equipment in the incoming materials warehouse
  • Have daily checks on condition humidity control
  • Keep all windows of the warehouse/finished goods warehouse closed, it is better to have a screen window
  • Monthly insect control by a 3rd party is preferable
  • Recommend inserting Super Dry or Micro pack sachets for some items such as a cotton padded and foam pad.
  • Store the goods in boxes
  • Must maintain FIFO issuing trims to the shop floor.
  • h. Stock rotation should be rigorously employed when these stored trims and accessories are being used for production, First in the First Out (FIFO) system should be used in the warehouse.
  • i. Seal boxes to keep goods away from insects
  • j. Place the boxes on shelves or on palettes as it is a key task for Trims Warehouse Storage.
  • k. Make sure box labels with date codes are maintained and visible for proper product.
  • l. Weekly checks on the packing materials such as if the cartons/polybag are secure, not broken, crushed
  • m. Special items like foam cups need to be stored properly, do not open cartons and place them close to the window.
  • The glued Sticker/paper and Heat seal sticker should be maintained below 20 degrees
  • o. All care labels need to be legible as some print labels (PVC) print can come off over a period if stored under very hot conditions
  • p. Elastic performance must be checked before use them after the period as properties can be deteriorated
  • q. Storing Heat Transfer Prints (in sheet form) will have the risk of color changing, poor transfer, and poor durability. This should be avoided or stored under the heat transfer supplier’s recommended storage conditions.


Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure to keep trims proper and good manner for maintaining quality. Any metal componentry (wash garments) can be discolored due to chemical oxidization, cover them with tissue paper, if possible, attach components when the goods are ready to move.

Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in Garments Industry

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