How to Measure Pants: A Comprehensive Guide

Body size varies for an individual human. So we measure our bodies before buying cloth. If you want to wear cloth, you must know its measurement first. If the measurement matches, you can buy it, or you have to adjust the fittings by cutting and sewing process. Pant is known as bottom garments, worn from the umbilicus from the rest bottom area of our body. So, here are many parts of our body to adjust as fittings in pant measurement. Here I present a comprehensive guide on how to measure pants.

Trouser/ Pants Measurements

Pants are trendy clothing for Men’s and women. Our 60% of body party is covered by long pants. Different parts of a pant need to measure to get a perfect pants measurement. This pants measurement guide describes how to measure leg opening, pants length, waist, hips, and all other parts. Pants measurements are waist, hip, thigh, inseam, knee, leg opening, back rise, front rise, and pant length.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Measure Pants

Waist Measurement

Waistband Measuring
Waistband Measuring

A metal ruler is the best thing to measure the waistband. Close fly and fasten the Band first, Grasp the waistband at both the center front and back. Smooth out any excess fullness and align the top edges of the band. Measure the inside circumference of the waist. Waist to be measured inside to inside. Do not insert the metal ruler more than ½” into the waistband. Waist should measure in Relax position.

Hip Width Measurement

Hip Width Measurement
Hip Width Measurement

It is hip width measuring. First, lay flat on the table. , front side up or back side up; both ways can give the actual result. Allow the front waistband to drape naturally below the back waistband. Pull the crotch point up

Thigh Measurement

Thigh Measurement
Thigh Measurement

Lay garment flat, front side up. Allow the front waistband to drape naturally below the back waistband. Pull the crotch point up. Smooth out the fullness. Measure straight across the garment from side seam to side seam. Measure from the crotch point to the folded side seam. Double the value will be thigh measurement.

Knee Width

Knee width Measurement
Fig: Knee width Measurement

The knee is the middle point between the leg opening the thigh area. Take measurements the same as thigh in the knee joint

Leg Opening width

Leg opening Width Measurement of Pants
Leg opening Width Measurement of Pants

The bottom part of the pants. This is also named bottom hem. The width of one side to another, and double data is leg opening width.

Front Rise

With the garments face up and laying flat. Using a flexible metal tape measure, measure from the fold of the fabric at the crotch point to the top of the waistband.

Back rise

With the back of the garment laying flat. Measure from the fold of the fabric at the crotch point to the top of the waistband. The difference between front rise and back rise is front is measured at the face side of the garments and the back rise is measured from the back side of the garments.


This point of measurement can be measured center crease fold or flat fold. Place a flexible Metal tape measure straight down the leg panel along the inside seam. Measure the bottom of the garment’s opening.

Pant Length

Pant Length This is also called side seam measurement. From the top of the waistband to the bottom of the leg opening

Basic Pants measurement chart

Here we give different size charts of pants and all points of measurement.

SIPoint of Measurement (POM) TOL 40″ Waist42 ” Waist34″ Waist36″ WaistWAISTBAND HEIGHT
1WAIST WIDTH STRAIGHT+-1/24143353739
2KNEE-PLACEMENT CROTCH 13.5”01 3/41 3/41 3/41 3/41 3/4
4LOW HIP WIDTH ABOVE CROTCH 3”+/- 3/447 1/249 1/241 1/243 1/245 1/2
5FRONT RISE LENGTH INCL W/B+-1/410 1/410 1/29 1/29 3/410
6BACK RISE LENGTH INCL W/B+-1/415 1/415 1/214 1/214 3/415
7THIGH-1” BELOW CROTCH+-3/827 3/428 3/424 3/425 3/426 3/4
8KNEE- PLACEMENT CROTCH 13.5”+-3/81717 1/215 1/21616 1/2
9LEG OPENING+-1/414 1/214 7/813 3/813 3/414 1/8
11BOTTOM HEM01/21/21/21/21/2
12CF FLY J STITCH LENGTH+-1/85 1/25 1/2555 1/2
13CF FLY J STITCH WIDTH+-1/81 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/2
14ZIPPER LENGTH+-1/8554 1/24 1/25
15FRONT PKT BAG LENGTH+-1/49 1/29 1/29 1/29 1/29 1/2
16FRONT PKT BAG WIDTH+-1/8776 1/26 3/46 3/4
17COIN PKT TOP WIDTH+-1/83 1/23 1/233 1/43 1/4
18COIN PKT LENGTH AT CENTER+-1/82 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/4
20COIN PKT  POSITION  AT S/S03/43/43/43/43/4
23BACK YOKE HEIGHT AT CB+-1/82 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/4
24BACK YOKE HEIGHT AT SS+-1/81 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/2
25BELT LOOP LENGTH+-1/82 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/4
26BELT LOOP WIDTH+-1/81/21/21/21/21/2
28FRNT PKT WIDTH ALONG W/B+-1/84 3/44 3/44 1/44 1/24 1/2
30BACK PKT TOP WIDTH+-1/86 1/26 1/266 1/26 1/2
31BACK PKT BOTTOM WIDTH+-1/85 3/45 3/45 1/45 3/45 3/4
32BACK PKT HEIGHT CENTER+-1/8776 1/277
33BACK PKT HEIGHT SIDE+-1/86 1/86 1/85 5/86 1/86 1/8
Basic Pants measurement chart (Size chart)


Pants measurement is critical thing if do not know how to measure pants. But knowing the process and following measuring sop or any guidelines it will be easy for you.

How to Measure Pants: A Comprehensive Guide

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