Responsibilities of a Merchandiser in Garments Industry

A Merchandiser is the business connection between the garments industry and the buying house. The Merchandiser role starts from the costing and sourcing and finishes after the shipment. So you cannot think of a garments industry without a merchandiser. He has Good communication skills, a quick grasp of customer requirements, and the ability to build good reports with clients. Here I present on Job Responsibilities of a Merchandiser in the Garments Industry.

A Merchandiser in the Garments Industry plays a critical role in ensuring the timely delivery of quality products to customers. He must be able to handle day-to-day Merchandising operations in 100% Export oriented garments. Should have enough knowledge about Fabrics booking, Trims & Acc‟s Booking, Production Fellow-up, Time and Action Plan (TNA), CAD, Pattern, Marker, Sample, textile testing, Sourcing, etc.

As a Merchandiser in the Garments Industry, there are various responsibilities that must be fulfilled, including product development, order management, quality control, inventory management, customer service, and sales analysis. This article explores the critical role of a Merchandiser and outlines their key responsibilities to ensure the timely delivery of quality products to customers.

Key Responsibilities of a Merchandiser in the Garments Industry

  • Costing, Sourcing, Negotiation
  • Sampling and Development
  • Taking approval of samples and developments
  • Prepare and Follow up on Time and Action (T&A) calendar.
  • Internal & external communication
  • Prepare and confirm order sheets
  • On-time Accessories & trims in-housing
  • Coordinate with the commercial closely.
  • Arrange final inspections and invite buyer QC
  • Follow production and planning status for on-time delivery

Roles and Responsibilities of a Merchandiser in the Garments Industry

  • To submit on time Labdip, Trims & Acc‟s and Sample for Buyer approval.
  • To prepare Yarn requisition, knitting & dyeing program sheet,, and follow up fabric Processing.
  • Ensure all raw materials estimated will be sourced at a fair price.
  • To keep following up on fabric & ACC’s booking and receiving at the right time and right quantity.
  • To check daily- production report, T&A Plan/CP, inventory report and QC file handover status, etc.
  • To provide all sorts of papers/documents to all concerned departments.
  • To keep excellent communication with buyers and suppliers.
  • Prepare a costing sheet and make a sample for negotiation with the buyer to confirm an order.
  • To Make Internal & external communication and Support Merchandiser & Sr. Merchandiser.
  • To Prepare internal order sheets and Co-ordinate other departments.
  • To submit Raw materials & Lab-dip for buyer Approval.
  • To Book & Receive Trims & Accessories.
  • Follow up the whole order process of some accounts, from developing samples to shipments, and update the situation of orders to managed properly.
  • Keeping close track of delivery status ( fabric, accessories, print materials) and informing the department to prevent any delays.
  • We are developing samples as per customer requirements.
  • Preview and follow up the sampling process of a specific order from SS sample to Shipment sample.
  • Taking an overview of the goods received from the vendor and choosing the ones that are sure to catch the attention of customers as display articles.
  • Fabric Consumption & pre – Costing of the query product.
  • Continuously keep communication and upgrade the customer about the order process.
  • Keeping Liaison with Commercial Manager about shipping documents, undertaking all formalities (sending shipping sampless,etc.), and updating buyer.
  • Keeping close track of the printing and accessories factories.
  • Keeping information about all inspections and giving support if necessary.
  • Creating follow-up reports and giving the reports to the management
  • Evaluating the all Cost Breakdown of the Product and Fix up the Right Vendor according to Target FOB
  • Coordination between the clients and vendor to ensure the proper delivery & Quality of Merchandise.
  • Sent the required materials and garments test items for third-party lab tests and collected the test reports, provided the report to the buyer, and arranged re-test for any failure.
  • Follow up till order closing and payment received.

Merchandising Job in the Garments industry

A Fresher job starts as a trainee or assistant merchandiser, but the growth opportunity is very high. The next level is the merchandiser and then the senior merchandiser. A very high scope is there to be a manager or general manager working in garments industry.

Responsibilities of a Merchandiser in Garments Industry

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