12 Best Sewing Machine Brands around the World

Sewing machine Brands

Sewing machines are required everywhere in any type of apparel industry, home textile, tailoring shop, and even used in the home as well. Wearing clothes is impossible without a sewing machine. So it is a common thing to know about the brands. This content is all about the 12 Best Sewing Machine Brands around the World and their detailed description.

There are almost 100 sewing machine brands (Manufacturing in different countries) all over the world. Among them, a few sewing machine brands are the most popular and exported industrial sewing machines in almost every country. The most popular Sewing machine brands are Brother, Singer, Juki, Bernina, Janome, Viking, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Elna, Toyota, Jaguar. Baby Lock etc. Local sewing machine brands can sell machines all around the world online via Amazon, eBay, Stitch Spares, and Alibaba. You can buy sewing through a machine supplier distributor from your country assigned by a sewing machine company. This content is all about Sewing machine Brands.

Best Sewing Machine Brands around the World
Best Sewing Machine Brands around the World

Best 12 Sewing Machine Brands you would love to know

Here are the top 12 best Sewing machine Brands:

  1. Juki
  2. Brother
  3. Singer
  4. Janome
  5. Bernina
  6. Pfaff
  7. Baby Lock
  8. Elna
  9. Husqvarna Viking
  10. Jaguar
  11. Toyota
  12. Bernette

Details of 12 Best Sewing Machine Brands around the World


The Juki brand is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturer for both industrial and domestic sewing machines. The Juki is the leading sewing machine manufacturer and exporting around the world. Juki’s headquarter is located in Tama-shi, Tokyo, but have a manufacturing plant in a few other countries. List of Sewing Machines Manufactured by Juki:

  • 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine
  • 2-needle, Lockstitch Machine
  • Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
  • Zigzag Stitching Machine
  • Coverstitch Machine
  • Double Chainstitch Machine
  • Pinpoint Sewing Machine
  • Single-thread Chainstitch Sewing (Tacking) Machine
  • Button Sewing Machine
  • Buttonholing Machine
  • Bartacking Machine
  • Snap Machine
  • Pattern Stitching Machine
  • Automatic Machine
  • Flat-bed Sewing Machine
  • Cylinder-bed Sewing Machine
  • Post-bed Sewing Machine
  • Bartacking Machine
  • Pattern Stitching Machine
  • Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
  • Buttonholing Machine
  • Automatic Machine


Brother is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturing brand. The company started manufacturing in 1908, and now this is one of the leading sewing machine brands supplying machines all over the world. Brother is very popular in USA and Europe. List of Sewing Machines Manufactured by Brother:

  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Twin Needle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Twin Needle Split Needle Bar Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Zigzag Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Buttonhole Sewing Machine
  • Eyelet Buttonhole Sewing Machine
  • Buttonhole Attaching Machine
  • Button Attaching Machine
  • Bar Tacking Machine / Pattern Tacking Machine
  • Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
  • Unison-feed Sewing Machine
  • Double Chain Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Blind Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Overlock Sewing Machine


The singer is an American sewing machine manufacturer established in 1851. Singer’s first sewing machine was for domestic use, and they were the largest sewing machine manufacturer in 1860. Their growth was high in the initial days.


Another Japanese manufacturer making premium sewing machines was founded in 1921. Janome has a retail sales team in many countries. It is good for sewing, embroidery, and quilting. Janome machines becoming very popular in the last decade.


Bernina is a popular sewing machine brand that was founded in 1893 in Switzerland. This company produces, develops, and sells all types of garments and home textile sewing machines.


Pfaff produces different sewing machines for the quilting process and different embroidery and overlock machines. It is a German company founded in 1862. Paff manufacture and sells very high-quality sewing machine.

How to Use a Branded Sewing machine

The followings are the steps for using a good sewing machine
Place the machine on a sturdy table→ Install a needle securely→ Identify the pressure foot → Practice raising and lowering the pressure foot → Wind and insert the bobbin → Thread the sewing machine → Thread the sewing machine → Raise the bobbin thread → Turn the handwheel and pass scissor under the pressure foot→ Plug the machine in and turn it on → Practice on some scrap material first→ Pin two pieces of fabric, right sides together, near the edge → Use the handwheel and select a straight stitch and medium stitch length → Line up fabric under the needle → . Lower the pressure foot onto the fabric→ Hold the loose end of both threads → Press the foot pedal →Find the reverse button or lever and try it → Use the handwheel to move the needle to its highest position → Trim the thread.

When choosing a sewing machine, you should choose one that suits you. You can use it to mend old clothes or sew personalized decorations onto your clothes. A good sewing machine will make you happy to create and DIY, as well as add freshness to your clothing. With the help of your sewing machine, any style of custom patches can be added to your clothing and will be displayed perfectly with your unique taste and style. So, a good sewing machine will make your work easier and faster, and will also make your clothes more delicate and unique.

12 Best Sewing Machine Brands around the World

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