What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description

What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description

What is Fashion?

Fashion refers to how people dress, as well as the styles and designs that are popular or in trend for a specific period. It is an ever-evolving art form that can reflect the lifestyle, values, attitudes, and beliefs of a society. Different society, culture, entity, history prevails in different taste in fashion. Fashion can also be seen as a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to show up their thinking and taste in lifestyle. It also reveals one’s personality through the clothes one wears.

Fashion has a profound impact on the world, not just in terms of personal style, but also in terms of the economy, culture, and technology. The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise, employing millions of people and encompassing a wide range of industries, including design, production, retail, and marketing. The industry is constantly evolving, and adapting to new trends, technologies, and consumer demands.

Not portraying only clothing, fashion can be shown up through jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, language, and many other more. Time changes to fashion create new trends, and through time, fashion also changes further again. So, it is not static, rather it tastes the current environment, follows up, and creates the trend.

Fashion trends come and go, but some styles and designs endure, becoming classic staples that are incorporated into modern fashion. At the same time, new designers and artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is considered fashionable, creating bold and innovative designs that challenge conventional norms and inspire new trends.

Classification of Fashion

There is some major classification of fashion. Though wearable dress design could be classified in many ways some categories define fashion more. They are:

  1. Style or the way of fashion
  2. Basic or classic
  3. A FAD or short-time trendy fashion
  4. Fashion casting to media
  5. Fashion trends
Classification of Fashion with Description

Classification of Fashion with Description

Style or the way of fashion

Style is a particular way of doing something and when it comes to fashion it means how an individual is reflecting themselves in front of others. Style in fashion refers to a particular look or mode of dress that is unique to an individual or cultural group. Style encompasses a wide range of elements including clothing, accessories, hair, makeup, and body language. It is a reflection of one’s personality, mood, and cultural influences. It is the manner of creating the elements of fashion. For example, if one is wearing a saree with a high-neck blouse it is her style, but when other people admit it and take it as a style it becomes the fashion. So, style begets fashion and is taken as a unique manner of fashion.

Basic or classic

Basic or classic is mainly the entities of fashion that are common and mostly used. This refers to the elements which are permanent and we change the way, or style of it with time. For example, from the very beginning of fashion, shirts were one of the staple d]wear of men. We had seen how men in the 70s wear shirts. Shirts are still worn by men nowadays but the design or pattern may be changed. The trend or the environment may bring about a new style of clothing but stick to the idea of basic wear. In the 90s, wave seen people wore shirts with stripes or in solid colors. But now, the idea of the shirt is the same, but prints and patterns are changing. Men now wear shorts with floral prints or patterns. But the basic thought of a shirt is the same.

A FAD or short-term trendy fashion

FAD, sounds like fading, right? But FAD in fashion refers to “Fast Fashion”. It is a phenomenon where new styles and designs are quickly produced and brought to the market to meet consumer demand for the latest fashion trends. The fast fashion industry often prioritizes profit over sustainability and ethical production practices. For example, in the 21st century, oversized fashionable wears were so in trend that every garment was eager to produce more and more oversized clothes like t-shirts, hoodie, drop shoulders, etc. also matte gold jewelry is so on trend in the 21st century that some producers are making new designs of the accessories rooting on the matte gold finish.

Fashion casting to media

What do you do before buying cloth? You would check on the media to see which one is on trend right now. Fashion forecasting is the process of predicting and analyzing future trends in the fashion industry. It involves identifying emerging trends in color, fabric, silhouettes, and styles, as well as studying consumer behavior and cultural shifts. Fashion forecasters use a combination of market research, trend analysis, and intuition to create a comprehensive picture of the fashion landscape in the future. This information is then used by fashion designers, manufacturers, and retailers to create products that are in line with consumer demand and the latest fashion trends. This trend is broadcasted in media which helps us to find out the upcoming fashion trend. For example, previously red or maroon was the only color worn by a bride on her wedding day, when the media broadcasted a new fashion trend of wearing subtle colors at a wedding, people nowadays, are trying to cover them up in that way on their wedding day too. Fashion forecasting includes some ways;

  • Survey: A fashion survey generally portrays to take the opinions of the people on how fashion would be according to them. By surveying opinions, it becomes easier to produce new products according to people’s thoughts.
  • Market research: evaluating market needs and demands and involving the shortcomings of the new production.
  • Sales records: Counting the sales record and deciding which elements are sold More than others. It helps to include more products of that style to sell it more.

Fashion Trends

Fashion trend means what kind of fashion style is popular right now. There are so many fashion elements in everyday wear such as clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, etc., and not every style is popular for a time. Sometimes long sleeves in a top become popular sometime mid sleeves. Numerous factors, such as those related to the economy, politics, society, and technology, have an impact on fashion trends. This data can be used to predict a trend’s growth or decrease by fashion forecasters. A new trend may occasionally start tiny before spreading to subsequent collections. Media exposure also aids in the establishment of trends since it shows commonalities between collections that the media observes. However, if a new trend overexposes the market, customers may become adversely affected.

All of these factors classify what fashion is. fashion is a deeply personal and individual experience. It is about finding a style that feels authentic and reflective of one’s tastes and personality and wearing it with confidence. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion, or simply exploring your style, fashion is a powerful form of self-expression that can bring joy, confidence, and creativity to our lives. But still, fashion refers to the individual, it is the personal taste of portraying oneself in the world. There can be fashion trends, styles, and manners but it is not obvious that one should maintain them. Fashion also gives emphasizes one’s freedom and taste individual according to their culture and identity. That’s all for a details description of the Classification of Fashion and fashion definition.

What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description

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